Sunday, 2 December 2012

Today Sucks

For some reason - today sucks !  If you are wanting a motivating, positive post, now is probably the right time to click off this page - no motivation or positivity here - you've been warned ...........

A & K are working and I had the whole day (well nearly the whole day to myself) and what did I do - sat at home crying - for no particular reason except I felt like that was all I could do.  I felt the anxiety well up in me.  I felt scared about going to the shops.  I was having hot flushes.  I felt cr*p.

I did all the washing.  Changed the sheets, washed and hung them out to dry.  I got dressed and I went to the shops because there were groceries that we needed.

I thought that I had this menopause thing sorted - clearly I was wrong.  Today I am not doing well at all - the anxiety, the fear, the hot flushes, the tears - they are all part and parcel of going through menopause.  Maybe I need to go back to the dr and have a look at changing the medication - or maybe it is just a one day glitch - will see how I feel tomorrow.

Why are there so many stupid people in shopping centres now ?  Why do they walk along and then JUST.STOP ?  And then turn around and give me a dirty look because I nearly ran into them ????  Move to the side if you want to stop and chat with your friend !!!  Some of us know what we want and where we want to be - if you want to dawdle along, that is fine - but move to the side and don't take up the whole walking area.

Why do so many people let their children run around uncontrollably ?  I understsand you think that your little darlings are just the best little kids you have ever encountered - but not everybody thinks the same as you.

My days of little children are over - I don't want to go out and be subjected to kids screaming their heads off  while being ignored by their parents.  They are your children - as much as you may want to disown them - you can't - deal with them.

Sorry there is  no Thought for the Day today - I read a few and it just doesn't feel right to post any of them !!!

Have a great day !!

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