Friday, 27 September 2013

Things I Know

What do I know today ???

It's time to join in with Rhianna from A Parenting Life for Things I Know.

I know :

- that being alone doesn't mean I am lonely and that being in a crowd doesn't mean I'm not

- that joining a gym is a step in the right direction for my health and fitness

- that I am going to miss A & K while they are away

- that I am going to enjoy having some times to myself

- that I am going to enjoy being in sole charge of the remote and what DVD's I hire

- that I was tickled pink to receive an invitation to K's best friends 21st

- that I am looking forward to catching up with my friend who makes my stomach hurt because I laugh so much when we are together

- that I am prepared to watch a recording of the Grand Final in order to be able to spend the time with her

- that mailing my dietician and making a plan about how I am going to deal with food while I am living by myself was a great thing to do - planning, as always, is everything !

What do you know today ?
Have you linked in the easiest
linky over at Rhianna's ?
Have a great weekend and take care !
TFTD : Anyone who is indifferent to the wellbeing of other people and the causes of their future happiness, can only be laying the ground for their own misfortune - Dalai Lama

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today A left for Townsville ........ again.  I had got very used to having him around the house.  I am going to miss him heaps while he is gone.

Tomorrow K leaves for NZ.  I am going to miss her when she is gone.

Today I am thankful for :

- A's safe descent into Townsville - he said at one point he didn't think they were going to make it down it was so very bumpy.

- another night with K before she leaves

- some quiet time to myself while they are both gone even though I know I will miss them both

- my friends in my computer and phone who are always around if I need to 'talk' to someone.

As Francesca is on holiday, there is no Thankful Thursday link up but that doesn't stop me from posting my own TT post anyway !!!

Have the best day - only one sleep until Friday !

TFTD : If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.  And guess what they have planned for you ?  Not much - Jim Rohn

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gym 1 - Couch 0

Another day another class but man, can I feel it today.  Even turning over in bed last night caused some pain !!!  But it's that good DOMS ache so I am not complaining.  The stairs at work are a killer though !

The class last night was a tad more aerobic than what I was expecting but I managed to keep up - sort of.  Clearly I wasn't the most un-co there as there was a guy in front of me who looked even more un-co than I did !

But, it was good and I was completely buggered after I had finished.  Plus I forgot to take my water so that didn't help :(

What I am finding is that when I get home I am not hungry and don't want to eat anything - have got in touch with the dietician to see what she recommends.

Tonight A and I are going to for a walk with the dogs - I want to try to spend the last two evenings with him before he goes.  Yesterday he thought he may have to leave on Thursday but by last night it had reverted to leaving on Friday.

K and I will go and sign up with the gym tomorrow and then it will be me and the gym - my new bestie !!!

Have the best day and take care !

TFTD : Each moment is a place you've never been - Mark Strand

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gym 2 - Couch 0

Up until a few months ago, K and I were going to PT sessions twice a week.  Then something happened (I can't remember what) and we stopped.  And I noticed it but then the PT guy went and got a job working at the mines somewhere and so is only home one week every three weeks.  So that effectively put an end to our training, mainly because I wasn't up to trying to find someone else to train us.

The last time I was at the dietician, she mentioned that while my weight loss is going well for the moment, there is going to come a point when I plateau (as we all know) and that will be when I need to change my exercise routine around.  Now, while I am happy to go for a walk or get on my bike by myself, I'm not very good at doing circuits or anything like that.

K's friend won a package with a gym in Southport and they have a $55 3 week special which we were going to join - well K did join but it was the two weeks before A's birthday and I really didn't have the time to be fluffing around with PT sessions and going to a gym that is effectively 20min drive from home.

Then a few weeks ago, my SIL told me about a special at the gym which is only one road away from me - sign up during September, and they wave the $130 joining fee.  And, if two of you join up, the second person gets it at a reduced rate - bonus !!!!  You also get 7 days free trial.

Well last night I started my 7 day free trial.  This morning I know that I have done something different to just going for a walk.  But it's a good different.  It's that ache in my muscles that tells me I have worked them in ways they haven't been worked for a while.  It's a great feeling.

Last night I did a Body Conditioning class which was pretty much core work (although my feet and legs were a tad wobbly by the time I was finished that !).  As K couldn't get there for that class (started 5.30) and only the 6.30 class, I stayed and did the Body Pump class with her.  Well I definitely had a case of Elvis legs by the time I finished that.  I don't know if I could say I actually enjoyed either of the classes but that may just be because they are both done to music, I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't hear what the instructor was saying and my head was turned a lot of the time while I tried to watch what they were doing and copy them !!!  Having said that, it did feel good.

Tonight I am off to the Body Tone class which I figure can't be too hard and then tomorrow I will tackle the spin class.  There is a spin class tonight after the BT class but I don't think I will be able to handle a spin class tonight and tomorrow night so I will just leave it until tomorrow.  K and I are going to sign up before she leaves for NZ so that we can get the special plus it will give me something to do in the evenings while I am on my own because they are both leaving me on Friday :(

Because it's Tuesday, it's time to join in with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT.

Have the best day !
Are you exercising as much as you could ?
Have you got a plan in place
in order to fit into your
togs when summer gets here ?
Do you need to start now ?

TFTD : You can’t keep running away from your fears. At some point in life you will have to build up the courage to face and overcome them.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Things I Know

Today is Friday which means it's time to link in with Things I Know over at A Parenting Life with Rhianna (even though the linky is open on Thursday - I link in with Thankful Thursday and like having this prompt for Friday !!!)

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

So, what do I know today :

- I know that menopause sucks

- I know that I am sorry that I never found Maura sooner

- I know that if I had've found her sooner, I would have saved myself months of heartache

- I know that if I had've found her sooner, I would have saved my family months of having to deal with a woman who felt like she was losing her mind

- I know that finding the right medical help makes the world of difference

- I know that finding someone who understands exactly what you are going through makes you realise that it isn't all in your head and it is totally real and all totally treatable

- I know that getting help for all the symptoms that menopause throws at you is the answer

- I know that working on these symptoms one at a time feels like a never ending battle, but hang in there, eventually you will feel better

- I know that it has taken me nearly 14 months to feel 'normal' again

- I know that we have spent a sh*tload of money to get me to this point but that every single $ was worth it

- I know that now that I am starting to sleep through most of the night I feel like a completely different person

- I know that having a supportive husband is, literally, a life saver

- I know that communication makes all the difference - while he has absolutely no freakin' idea of what you are going through, talking about it makes it a little easier for him to support you

- I know that I wish that I had someone who had been through menopause to talk to while it was happening to me, and then I found Maura and it made all the difference

Wishing you the best weeekend ever !!!

What do you know today ?
Have you linked in with Rhianna ?
Why not join in, because we all know
something ?
TFTD : The judgement of others does not change who I am.  Quite the opposite is true.  It reveals who they are. - Terry McPhearson

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's time for Thankful Thursday with Francesca from Francesca Writes Here and, although I am a little late in linking up, I still have so much to be thankful for.

This week I am thankful for :

- being able to take a day off yesterday to spend with A to celebrate him turning 50 !

- being married to someone who qualifies for a Seniors Card and any discounts that entitles us to !

- being able to have a party to celebrate his 50 years with family and friends on Saturday night.

- being able to buy in dinner for Saturday so that I don't have to stress at making dinner for 20 odd people.

I hope that you can find something to be thankful for today and if you can that you have linked in with the rest of us for Thankful Thursday !!!

Have the best week !

TFTD : Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it - George Halas

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Confusion Reigns

This weekend was a weekend full of learning and loud, over whelming experiences - but, I survived, not because of anything I did but in spite of all that I did !!!!!

ProBlogger was an amazing event where I learned lots.  And probably could have learned lots more had I not been quite so over whelmed by the amount of information that was pumped out in two days.

There were times I just went and hid in a corner because the noise was deafening and the feeling of not knowing many people was just too over whelming for me.  I knew that I didn't do social situations very well (and have since realised that this is something that has slowly deteriorated over time because I never used to be this bad) but I never realised just exactly how inept I was at dealing with meeting new people - or even talking to people that I have met once or twice !  I felt more comfortable sitting, playing on my phone in the corner charging my iPad that I never used !!

The speakers were amazing.  They had so much information and they were all happy to answer any questions that were thrown at them.  A wide range of topics were covered and sometimes it was really difficult to know which of the three streams to pick because I always felt like I was missing out on something by not going to others !!! Thankfully the virtual ticket allows me to watch the sessions I couldn't get to although (a) I still have to find out exactly how to watch them and (b) find the time to watch them.

The other information I received was from JF Gibson who is offering a Social Media Audit Spring Special for $49.95.  I received 3.5 pages of informative feedback on my blog and the social media platforms that I am using.  I have these printed out and will work my way through her suggestions as I can.  They all make total sense and she has given me some direction which I was badly in need of.  If you are wanting more information on this, I really recommend getting in touch with Jodi and taking her up on the spring special.  (Please note - this is not sponsored.  I didn't receive a discount for posting this. I wanted to share it because it is really informative and I can see the benefit to me of following her suggestions.)

So, with this information overload, I'm guessing it will be a while between posts as I try to digest it all and get my blog going in the right direction for both myself and my readers.

It's Tuesday which means it's time to join in with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT.  Why not join in if you haven't joined already ?

Have a fantastic week !

TFTD : I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past - Patrick Henry

Monday, 16 September 2013

I Must Confess

It's Monday, the day that most of us don't really like (and, if you ask me, a rather cr*ppy way to spend 1/7th of your life !!) and the day that Kirsty hosts I Must Confess over at My Home Truths.  This week the prompt is My Most Controversial Post but, as I am the most 'uncontroversial' person I know, I have decided that I would confess to the fact that :


I know that we shouldn't wish our lives away, and, on the whole I don't, but when I am at work, I absolutely hang out for the weekend. 

The two days of the week where, if I am able, I get to sleep in. 

The two days of the week where I get to exercise at times other than after work.

The two days of the week where I can plan on doing what I want (most of the time) when I want.

The two days of the week where I don't have to sit and wonder what my boss is going to ask me to do next.

The two nights of the week where I can go to sleep as late as I like (sort of) because I can sleep in.

I love my weekends and if I can score a long weekend occasionally, that is even better !!!!
What can you confess to this week ? 
Have you joined in with Kirsty ?
Have a great week !
TFTD : People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou

Thursday, 12 September 2013

What I Am Up To

As it's Thursday and time to link in with Francesca from Francesca Writes Here for Thankful Thursday, I thought I would play along with this post that I saw at The Muddle-Headed Mamma.  I am thankful that I get to express how each of these relate to me. I really enjoyed reading hers so I decided to copy it.  Please feel free to copy it if you want to play along :

Making : Baby blankets for unknown babies

Cooking : Chicken casserole for dinner

Drinking : Water

Reading : Why Men Are From Wagga And Women Wish They Weren't

Wanting : Sleep

Looking : A bit daggy in my jeans and thongs (on my feet thank you !!!) at work but I just had my hair done and that looks fantastic !!

Playing : A word game

Wasting : Time at work

Sewing : Nothing - it's been too many years since I used my sewing machine

Wishing : I was retired

Enjoying : The beautiful weather

Waiting : For ProBlogger to start

Liking : Native CD by One Republic

Wondering : When my phone contract is up so I can get rid of this phone and go back to a Blackberry

Loving : Being so motivated to exercise

Hoping : That the weight loss I have achieved will continue until I am at goal weight

Marvelling : At the wonder of new born babies (cliched I know but oh so true - especially if they aren't mine !!!!)

Needing : A can of ice cold Coke (but I won't because I know it won't help me achieve my goal)

Smelling : Youth Dew

Wearing : Jewellery

Following : AFL Finals Weeks

Noticing : How the clouds are floating across the sky

Knowing : I am good at the work that I do

Thinking : I wonder if I will find new frames this afternoon after work

Feeling : Happy that my life is on track

Bookmarking : Some great blogs

Opening : My handbag to put my diary and phone away

Giggling : At Gerard Whately and Mark Robinson on AFL 360 and the tweet about the kid whose father wouldn't let him go to see the stripper after the 2002 grand final

I had heaps of fun doing this - if you decide to play along, please leave me a comment so I can come and check out your answers !!!

This afternoon I am off to pick up Eleise from A Very Blended Family the airport and then we are off to have a look around the Coast before heading out to dinner.  Of course tomorrow ProBlogger starts and, while I am nervous, I am starting to get a little bit excited.  I just know that it will be great and if the worst comes to the worst, I can hide in a corner and regroup !!!

Have a fantastic day and weekend !

Have you joined in for Thankful Thursday ?
If not, why not pop across and see
what others are thankful for
and then join in yourself ?

TFTD : The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best - Epictetus
(I think a very apt TFTD given I am off to ProBlogger !!!!)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Long Overdue Post

It's been a while since I have posted about my health / weight issues - mainly because I have been tracking along quite well although not at any great rate of knots.

Yesterday afternoon I had appointments with my dietician and my hormone doctor.  I drove away from there feeling so happy - it was such a good feeling.  To finally feel like everything is falling into place and settling down into some sort of normalcy (well as normal as anyone's body can be !!)

Firstly, my visit to the dietician - total loss to date 7.6kgs (loss over holiday 0.2kg).  My body fat % has reduced by 7.8% (I have another 7% body fat to lose to get into a healthy range.)  My body fat has reduced by 8.3kg.  My lean body mass has increased by 5.3kg.  And my hydration levels have improved.  She is very happy with my fat loss and lean body mass increase - so if she is happy, I'm happy !

Then I went to my Maxine (real name Maura) and she looked at my blood results and, apart from my Vitamin D levels which have dropped despite taking my daily Vitamin D drops, there are no issues.  I can continue with what I am doing and only have to go back to see her in December.  So, she is happy with where I am, which means I am happy too !

My exercise is coming along nicely (except for yesterday because I had both these appointments after work and by the time I got home and had done dinner, I wasn't up to doing much at all !).  I have been walking just about every day.  I have been on the stationary bike as well as doing the crunches, reverse crunches and daily planks.  On the weekend, we took our road bikes out on Saturday and Sunday morning - it was so good to get out on the road.  The weather was just beautiful - and the time we spent on the bike was a great way to spend some of our weekend !!!!

So, for those who have been following my tumultuous journey through menopause / weight gain / drop off in exercise - I am hoping that this is the turning point.  I am feeling so positive and upbeat about where I am right here - right now - it's a great feeling and I just wish I could bottle it up so I could have a sip of it when I am feeling cr*p and things aren't so positive !!!

Because it is Tuesday, and #IBOT, it's time to link up with Jess from Essentially Jess.
Have you linked in today ?
Have the best day !

TFTD : Never forget where you've been. Never lose sight of where you're going. And never take for granted the people who travel the journey with you.

Monday, 9 September 2013

I Must Confess

It's time for me to link in with Kirsty from My Home Truths for I Must Confess - it's not a linky that I often link up with because I generally don't post on the weekend and Monday just seems to be too full, on most weeks for me to get around to posting.

This week I must confess just exactly how nervous I am feeling about going to ProBlogger on Friday this week.  Pee my pants nervous doesn't even begin to cover it !  Sleepless nights nervous may be a little closer to how I am feeling.  I can go for hours not thinking about it but then the thought of it creeps into my head and I start to panic - and I realise that it's silly - pretty much like the blogger's dinner I went to last Tuesday - it was lovely and I had the best time - but that didn't actually help my nerves before I got there !!!  But no matter how silly it is - it's still there and I am doing my best to quash it, but sometimes it's a battle that I don't win.

Those who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I am not a fan of social situations - I would rather stay at home and read my book than go out and meet new people (or even go out at all !!) - even though I may 'know' them online - I don't know them IRL.  But, as I continue to push myself outside my comfort zones, when the tickets for PB went on sale, I decided to buy a ticket and share it with Colours of Sunset as she couldn't go on Friday and I couldn't go on Saturday.  It turns out that apparently, we can't share tickets so I will be going on Friday and to the function on Friday night and, if I get a chance, watching the virtual recordings of Saturday (not sure if you can watch a virtual recording after the event, if not, I won't be seeing any of it I don't think - but that's OK - sometimes these things happen.)

I am very happy to be meeting up with Eleise on Thursday afternoon and then we are going out to dinner in the evening - so at least we can meet up on Friday morning before going in and don't have to go in like Nelly No Friends !!  I have to still make a list of the bloggers I would like to meet although I am not sure that I will be able to just go up to anyone and introduce myself to them.  I think part of me is scared they are going to look at me and say "Who exactly are you ?  Sorry, never heard of your blog."  I would rather not talk to anyone than have that happen to me !!!!

I have mostly picked the sessions I want to go to but I am sure that on Friday morning if I hear others saying "I think I'll go to this one" I may be changing my mind !!!  I need to sit down and write down exactly what it is that I want to get out of PB so that I can make sure I attend the right sessions and, if possible, ask the right questions (although I have a sneaky suspicion that I won't be asking any questions - maybe they will allow us to send up written questions ???)

Having 'spoken' to other bloggers I know that I am not the only blogger who is nervous about PB (which is good to know but doesn't really help me) - and, if I am to believe K, I need to 'just put my big girl knickers on and go there, hold my head high and enjoy myself' !!!  (Sometimes that girl is just to smart for her own good !!!)

Thanks to Kirsty for hosting IMC again - it's always a great linky even if I don't always link it - there are always great posts to read.

Have you got a confession to make ?
Why not join in with Kirsty and
the rest of us ?

Have the best week !

TFTD : If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.
(I wonder if this is why I would rather stay at home than go out ?) 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Things I Know

I know that it is Friday and MC has changed TIK to Thursday but given it is open all week I figure I can still post on a Friday and link up then (which suits me better as I link up with Thankful Thursday and they don't necessarily relate although obviously I do know what I am thankful for - it sort of misses the point of the TIK link up !)

(OK - I'm not linking up with Miss Cinders for TIK because she is having a bloggy break - does this show that I haven't been around reading blogs for a little while ???  But, for your reading pleasure, I will leave this post up as something that I do know !)

I have realised that my child has learned habits / traits / characteristics / call them what you want from me that I never wanted to teach her.  In fact, if I had my way, I would do anything to take back the things that she has picked up because of my behaviour rather than my teachings.

When I was younger - and probably up until about 7-8 years ago, I was very critical and judgemental - of everything - what I did, what I wore, what other people did, what they wore, how they parented their children, how they dealt with problems.  I made other people's problems my issues - and they weren't mind to make.  They weren't mine to take on.  It took me many years to learn that, so long as I worry about my own issues / problems, that is all I have control over - and those are the only ones I have any business worrying about.

People do things according to the timeline that they are on.  They work according to the guidelines that they have set for themselves. And those timelines and guidelines may not fit in with what I think are the right things to do - and that is OK.

K is exactly like I used to be in some aspects - while she is much more confident and out-going than I think I ever was, and she certainly has more self confidence in her 21yo body than I have in my 48yo body.  But sadly, she has learned to be critical and judgemental of others.  Whenever I hear her I try to explain about how, when something has no impact on her, she should just accept that other people do things differently but I feel like I am talking to a brick wall.

This morning she went to TAFE and they had an assignment (speech) that was due today.  In fact they have 4 assignments that are due over the course of today and tomorrow.  16 of the 20 people in the class said they thought the assignment was due next Thursday.  So, the 4 who were ready got to do theirs, the others got 30 mins to do / finish theirs and then they had to present them.  She called me and was absolutely furious that they had been given another 30 minutes.  I asked her why it annoyed her so much because it meant that (a) she had half an hour extra free time at lunch and (b) it showed the 4 who had done the assignment on time in a much better light (probably not the best example but work with me here !!).  She humphmed her reply and said she supposed so.

Why oh why did I spend so much of my life worrying about what other people were doing (or not doing, whichever the case may be) ? Why did I feel that it had anything to do with me ?  And why has K picked up this trait ?  Of all the things she could have learned from me, she picked this one.  And maybe the lesson for me is that, maybe she too will realise that it is so draining taking on the issues of other people and stop doing it - I just hope that she doesn't take as long as I did !

Have your children picked up traits
that you didn't actually teach them ?
Have you joined in with Things I Know ?
If not, are you going to ?
Have a great weekend and take care !
TFTD : Keep on going and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it.  I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down - Charles F Kettering

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's been a few weeks since I have joined in with Thankful Thursday and that is because I have been on holiday - so, while I was thankful to be on holiday, I can't say that I am all that thankful to be back at work.  Having said that, working means we will be able to plan another holiday, so I guess at the end of it all, I am thankful to be working again !

I am thankful for the absolutely beautiful weather we are having - it's been hard to believe that winter has come and gone already given that we have been walking around in shorts and T-shirts in August.  The one worrying thing is that if it is this warm in August / September, what is it going to be like in January / February ?

I am thankful for the hard work that I have put in with my eating and exercise as I am starting to see these kilos move.  A doesn't say much about my weight, but the other night when I was getting ready to go to a bloggers dinner, he looked at me and said "How much weight have you actually lost ?" and when I asked him why he was asking, he said "Because I can see a difference in how you look."  Well that definitely put a spring in my step and helped me walk with my head just a little bit higher instead of trying to shrink into myself and make myself as small as possible.

I am thankful for the lovely evening that I had with Josefa, Aroha, Emily, Kathy and Renee on Tuesday night.  There was lots of laughing and lots of talking and I had a really good evening.  I was very nervous about going, but once we were chatting away, I wondered why I had been so nervous.  Everyone was so friendly and it was lovely to get to meet the faces behind some of the blogs I read.

I am thankful that it is Thursday which means that the weekend is just around the corner.  I don't want to wish my life away, but I am hanging out for the weekend !!!

Linking in with Francesca for Thankful Thursday because we always have things to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for today ?
Why not join in ?
Have a terrific Thursday !

TFTD : Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant - Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tasmania In Short

Well, we are home and unpacked and back at work and Tasmania seems like a far away memory !  OK that may be a little melodramatic and the memory of Tasmania is not that far away but going back to work yesterday, sure made the end of our holiday more of a reality !!!!!

We had a great time in Tasmania.  After staying the night in Launceston and driving through town and some of the suburbs, I said to A that it reminded me of the poor cousin of Australia.  It looked quite run down, the lovely old buildings looked like they could do with lots of maintenance on them.  We could not believe the number of homes for sale - through out the whole of Tasmania - lots and lots and lots.  The only place we saw some really nice looking houses was in Hobart.

We drove a total of 3,525kms in 16 days.  Our itinerary turned out to be this :
Day 1 - Gold Coast - Melbourne - Launceston
Day 2 - Launceston - Cradle Mountain
Day 3 - Cradle Mountain - Strahan
Day 4 - Strahan (cruise on the Gordon River with a stop off at Sarah Island)
Day 5 - Strahan - Hobart
Day 6 - Hobart (Salamanca Markets)
Day 7 - Hobart (MONA and all the way through the Huon Trail to most southerly road in Australia)
Day 8 - Hobart (town and Cascade Brewery)
Day 9 - Hobart - Port Arthur
Day 10 - Port Arthur - Swansea
Day 11 - Swansea - Freycinet
Day 12 - Freycinet - Deloraine (via St Helens)
Day 13 - Deloraine - Port Sorell (via Great Lake and Bothwell)
Day 14 - Port Sorell - Cradle Mountain (via the north west coast as far as Stanley and The Nut)
Day 15 - Cradle Mountain
Day 16 - Cradle Mountain - Launceston (via Great Lake - again !)
Day 17 - Launceston
Day 18 - Launceston - Melbourne - Gold Coast

We had booked accommodation as far as Hobart and then just looked each day at how far we would get to see where we should look for accommodation.  Unfortunately, A cannot relax and do nothing so if we got as far as we planned by early afternoon, he would 'suggest' we go further !!!  We would generally find somewhere to sleep about 5-6pm, and then we would be off to see whatever we could see before we lost all light for the day !  While I loved every minute (OK - maybe not actually every single minute - but certainly most of the minutes we were away), it was very tiring to be living in and out of suitcases / hotels / driving and in and out the car going to see the sights and try not to miss out on anything that we came across.

Some of the high-lights of our time there :

Seeing the snow on Cradle Mountain (just a pity it rained, washing it all away !!)

The scenery - some of the most amazing scenery I have seen in our country and very similar to NZ (there were daffodils and crocuses all over the place)

Driving in the snow on the way from Cradle Mountain to Strahan

Standing in the snow on Mt Wellington (sadly it melted before it hit the ground)

The climb up to be able to look down on Wineglass Bay

Seeing the tiny little lambs frolicking in the paddocks
Seeing wombats IRL
Cataract Gorge was in full flow and looked amazing
Lunch at The Hungry Wombat - the best burger I have ever tasted (and not because I was hungry !!)

Salamanca Place (where they hold the markets every Saturday)

The beautiful sandstone buildings - especially in Hobart

Staying at Blake's Manor - so quaint

Seeing the Great Lake
We were absolutely amazed at how many places we went to where we had to pay for parking - I began to feel like it was a real money making racket !!!  In Campbell Town - a little town on the east coast - there were 2P parking restrictions - I bet there aren't that many people wanting to park there so why restrict the time that they can park there ?  I just didn't get it.

I will be posting a more detailed blog of our time in Tasmania and will let you know once that has been done.  In the meantime I am joining in with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT.

Have the best week and take care !

TFTD : Be miserable.  Or motivate yourself.  Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice - Wayne Dyer

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