Friday, 30 May 2014

Things I Know

This is a rant and a 'woe is me' post so feel free to click away now - I won't be offended.

Work has been crazy this week but that is mainly because I have been filling in at Inala for the accounts lady who had to go to a funeral in Wagga.

Driving over an hour to work and back in the afternoon is for the birds - I can't stand it !

Getting back to the office today and being ignored and then told the wrong information is very annoying.

Getting a phone call from A to say that the dogs have dug under the fence of the small veranda where they are and then got out of the fence that we thought we had dog proofed SUCKS BIG BALLS.

Having to tie them up on a long rope is all I can think of to do with them to keep them in our yard.  A is talking about having to get the collars for them that will zap them when they get close to the fence - hopefully the zap will be big enough to make them stay inside and not enough to hurt them.

I should have been going up to visit A this weekend but for return flights of $210 plus accommodation and meals, it probably isn't the best time to be spending $500-$600 on a 'nice to have' - I'll just have to suck it up and hang in for the next two weeks until he gets home.  There are too many things around the house we have to pay for.

I got the latest set of plans for the granny flat.  Not sure who told the draughtsman about changes to be made because I see that there are still two bathrooms in there.

Looking forward to going home today and tackling the long grass with the ride on tomorrow - here's hoping I manage to stay on it and don't tip over down the hills !!!

Joining in with Ann from Help ! I 'm Stuck for Things I Know Friday !!

Have the best day.

TFTD : Goals are big question marks that as you, "Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today ?"  (Between you and me, I feel like a wimp today !!!)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Things I Know

Once again, I'm late for the linky but I guess late is better than never turning up !!

Joining in with Ann from Help I'm Stuck - then week I know :

- I know that I'm not the scaredy cat I thought I would be staying at the house without A - K is still there but she is down the other side of the house and when she is asleep, she isn't likely to wake up for anything less than an atomic bomb

- I know that I am looking forward to this weekend

- I know that having a massage on a Saturday afternoon is a great way to spend some time

- I know that I am nervous about going to see Mitchell Coombes by myself but I am taking my eReader so I can have my head in my 'book' until he is due to start and won't have to talk to anyone

- I know that I am looking forward to the Suns playing the Bulldogs - how cool would it be if we could notch up another win and go 7 and 2 so far in the year ?

- I know that I am enjoying walking again, even though where we live is full of hills which my knee doesn't really like too much but, if I am careful and step correctly, I'm OK

- I know that I have been much better about taking my tablets this week - until last night - when I put them next to my bed while I looked for my book and then forgot to take them.  I only saw them when I woke up this morning - I left them there for tonight !

- I know that I am feeling pretty happy with my life right now

What do you know this week ?
Are you going to link up ?
Good - I'll catch up on the linky then !!

Have the BEST weekend !

TFTD :  Happy people do not grieve for the things they don't have, but rejoice for those that they do.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today I am truly thankful for a blogger friend who has set up a support group for people wanting to lose weight.  I woke up this morning so positive because I had had three good days of food and water/drinks and 2 nights of training - got on the scales and I had put on 1kg - WHAT THE .............................

Please don't tell me not to weight myself.  I NEED to weigh myself every day because when I don't weigh myself, I'm in denial about my weight and I don't care about what the number says.  This is not an option for me - I NEED to weigh myself daily.

The support that I have received from this amazing group of people, even though the group has only been going a day or two was amazing.

They made me really think about what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it - eating cr*p will not get me there - it is an instant gratification that leaves me feeling even worse because I have let myself down, again !

So, to those amazing ladies from The Dietcokerocks Weight Loss Support Group - a HUGE BIG 


Joining in with Rhianna for Thankful Thursday

Have the best day !

TFTD :  Someday you will realise that almost everything you've ever done that was worthwhile initially frightened you to some extent.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A New Beginning ?

There are always excuses aren't there ?  Why I can't eat healthy food.  Why I can't exercise.  Why I can't stop myself for stuffing my face.  Why I can't, why I can't, why I can't.

Tonight I've decided that I can.

I can make the right choices for me.

I can eat healthy food and I can stop eating junk.

I can love myself.

I can think of myself as a success and not a failure.

I can take it one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one meal at a time, one grocery shop at a time.

I can get back to looking like I did in these photos.

December 2005 when we went
to visit A in Taiwan

April 2009 when we were on
our way to Yamba - I was training
for the GC 10km race in June 09
(OK maybe not the top photo - A thinks I am too thin in that photo.  So much so when I got off the plane and he saw me, as soon as he could talk to me without K hearing he asked my why I hadn't told him I was sick !!!  I told him because I hadn't been sick, I'd been trying to lose weight !!!  Plus that was 8.5yrs ago and I should be realistic about what weight I can get to.)
I can do anything I want - I just need to have a plan and a plan of attack.
I can exercise and get fit and run another 10km race.  And then I can keep on running and run a half marathon and then a full marathon.
I can stop complaining about how my knee hurts and then I can find a doctor who will be able to help me - but first I can lose some weight because I am sure that my weight has a heap to do with my knee pain.
I can, I can, I can - it's up to me to do it because I know that, no matter how much support I get, it is only me who can do it.
So for today, I can love myself and be the best that I can be until tomorrow, and then I can love myself tomorrow and be the best I can be tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that - if I just take it one minute at a time.
Have the best day that you can !
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Have you joined in yet ?
TFTD :  No matter how badly you may be broken, you can always build yourself back up.  It takes time.  Don't let your struggle become your identity.

Friday, 16 May 2014

What Do I Know Today ?

It's Friday so it's time to join in with Ann from Help I'm Stuck for Things I Know - the easiest linky going !!!!

This week I know a fair amount - not anything particularly exciting but then, that's how I like it at the moment !!!!

- I know that I am happy to have signed the quote for the roof for the deck and paid the depost.

- I know that I am not that happy that since signing and paying the deposit, we haven't heard back from the sales guy who has to bring his boss around to check the measurements prior to them ordering the materials as apparently 148sqm of roofing is a rather large job !!  (No, they aren't a fly by night bunch, they did our veranda roof at our last house about 8 years ago)

- I know that I was very happy to get a quote for the shutters and blinds for the southern side of the house - it was nearly as much as I was expecting it to be so that was a bonus !!

- I know that if I can get A to get to their offices in Burleigh tomorrow to agree on a colour, they can probably start production sooner rather than later.

- I know that A leaves for Mackay on Monday.  At this point it will be a month before he comes home.  If he has to go back he will be home a week and then go back for another month.  All of a sudden they seem to have heaps of work up that way which is a little sad as I have gotten used to having him at home with me.

- I know that if he does have to go back, I will be rattling around in a house that is too big for 3 people never mind 1 person !!!!  I also know that at the same time as I am rattling around at home, K will be house sitting for a friend of mine in a big 4 bedroom home - at least I will have the dogs for company and they may even  be allowed to sleep inside the house !!!!

- I know that having everyone over for dinner on Mother's Day, while probably not the brightest idea I ever had, was so enjoyable and so much fun.  It's been ages since we had roasts with all the trimmings including cheese sauce for the broccoli and cauliflower but next year I think we will just take my folks out to dinner on the Saturday night !!!  We all laughed so much - it was great !

- I know that I'm starting to go grey.  The colour in my hair has grown out a bit and I can see a few grey hairs poking around in there - I was beginning to wonder if I would ever go grey - now I know I will !!!

- I know that I am pleased to be picking up A's wedding ring this afternoon.  Last weekend we took it in to have it made bigger and I can pick it up after work tomorrow.  He will be very pleased to be able to wear it again.

- I know that today is going to be a slow day at work because I don't really have a lot to do and I'm the only one in the office - roll on 4pm !

Have the best day and an even better weekend !

What do you know this week ?
Have you joined in with the
easiest linky going ?

TFTD :   Life is short, live it.  Love is rare, grab it.  Anger is bad, dump it.  Fear is awful, face it.  Memories are sweet, cherish them.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday - it's such a long time ago since I wrote a TT post that I'm going to have to have a look around tomorrow to check whether Rhianna is still hosting or whether someone else has taken over !!!!!! (Yes, Rhianna is still hosting - here)

This week I am thankful for :

- signing for the roof over our deck

- only having to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery (although technically this won't happen as A is going to Mackay for a month and we have to take the roof down off the small veranda so it will have to wait until the weekend after he gets home for them to install)

- cooler weather

- spending time with K before she leaves for Chicago given she is going to be house sitting for a friend for a month between now and when she leaves

Have you joined in for Thankful Thursday ?  You know you have lots to be thankful for.

Have the best day !

TFTD :  It's not a daily increase, but a daily decrease.  Eliminate the inessentials.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Baby Turns 22

Yesterday my baby girl turned 22.

Yesterday she booked her flights to Sydney to go to the US Consulate for her visa interview.

Yesterday she took the day off work to help a friend lay flooring in her new home (why, I'm not sure, as she hasn't been hugely helpful around the house since we moved in - maybe it's because she really doesn't know how to lay timber flooring and so is there for the company more than anything ?)

Yesterday my baby wrote the nicest post on FB and tagged me in it - it's great to know that even though sometimes she is selfish and full of attitude, she does still love us !!!!!

Yesterday made me realise that next year she will be celebrating her birthday with her other family - I hope they make it a nice day for her.

Happy Birthday for yesterday K !

You have grown into a lovely young lady who I am proud to call my daughter.  While I am going to miss you dreadfully while you are away, I know that it will be such a great experience for you and I know that you will come home with wonderful memories - things that can never be taken away from you.  Know that Dad and I love you always and stay safe in your travels because you are priceless to us.

Joining in with Jess for #IBOT

TFTD :  You might feel worthless to one person, but you are priceless to another.  Don't ever forget your worth.  Spend time with those who value you.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Feeling Cr*ppy

I don't know why but I feel cr*ppy today.  My head hurts.  My back hurts.  I have been sneezing on and off the whole day.  All in all, I am feeling very sorry for myself !

I haven't been blogging because I have been busy and I haven't had anything to say - well nothing worth listening to.  Having said that, this is really worth blogging about, but given how sooky I am feeling, I thought I would share it with the rest of the world.

I hope you are having a better day than I am xox

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