Friday, 31 May 2013

Things I Know

Yippeee - it's Friday which means it's time to link in with MC from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum and tomorrow it's the weekend - I'm not sure which brings me more pleasure - the linky or the weekend !!!!  (OK I do know but I don't want to upset either MC or the weekend !!!!)

As always, a random list of things that I know :

- I know that next weekend will be even better than this weekend because A is due home on Friday afternoon sometime.

- I know that I have started that count-down.

- I know that, while I have missed A dreadfully, I have enjoyed the one-on-one time K and I have spent together.

- I know that I am glad that she has still gone out with her friends a few time and not felt that she has to stay at home because I am there by myself (funnily enough I am more than capable of being able to amuse myself for a couple of hours when I am all alone, in complete charge of the remote, my books, my crocheting and the bath !!)

- I know that I had a great time with some of my blogging friends on Saturday and I am very grateful for their technical knowledge (because I am only just a little bit better than totally useless) when it comes to anything technical (hence not being able to use the home computer since just after A left because I can't get the keyboard to work !!!).  In the past, I have had a few people ask if I could have an 'E-mail Subscription' for my blog.  I have not been able to do this UNTIL the other night !  Because of the clever ladies there on Saturday - they told me, step by step, how I could add the e-mail widget to my blog - AND I MANAGED TO DO IT !!!  (Yes, it was really easy, yes, most people can probably do it in their sleep but whenever I manage to do anything slightly techie, I am thrilled !!!)

- I know that you can now subscribe to my blog, via e-mail (see on my side bar), should you wish to ensure that you never miss one of my absolutely riveting rambling posts.

- I know that I was surprised at how many people said that they would like/love to be part of Project Brighten Someone's Day and then didn't send me their address.  If you want to be part of it, please send me your physical address as the project is a snail mail project.

- I know (well I think I know) that if the weather doesn't fine up over the next two days, The Color Run may once again be postponed.

- I know that if it goes ahead I am going to be walking the full 5km and be proud of being able to walk that far (sad, but true).

- I know that, even though I am totally nervous about meeting Crashtest Mummy tomorrow night, I will have a great time.

- I know that I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to my kahuna massage on Saturday - after my I Must Confess post on Monday and some of the lovely comments left, I decided to book a massage and, while it may not land up being my perfect day, it will certainly go a long way towards me having a great day !

- I know that I am looking forward to meeting a client's 9 day old baby boy after work today where I can get a chance to cuddle and smell a new born baby and say "Thank goodness it's not mine" and then go home with K and have a peaceful night's sleep !

- I know that, while time seems to be flying by at a rate of knots faster than I can keep up with, this week seems to have dragged something terrible.

- I know that I love my on-line friends - thank you all for being the supportive, encouraging, inspiring and amazing bunch of people that you are - don't change !

- I know that, while I keep complaining about how fast time is flying by, I can't wait for July to come as my new Personal Planner arrived today - it is sooooooooo cute and I can't wait to start using it.

- I know that, while I don't give a rat's butt about stats, I am just amazed at how many people are visiting my blog - thanks to everyone for stopping by.  When I started this blogging caper 'back in the day before it was cool to have a blog' I never imagined that there would be so many people stopping by on a daily basis.  I must be doing something right otherwise you wouldn't keep coming back (or is it just that there are that many people in the world and new people are finding me, every day, but never return ??????)  No, I know some of you keep coming back because you leave me lovely comments - thank you for those - they make me smile and laugh and keep my sanity sometimes.

What do you know today ?

Have the best weekend !

TFTD : Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who never give up.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Winter Post

OK - don't fall over now - I know I have already posted once today but after reading some of the winter posts over at Always Josefa - I thought I would add a winter post.

I feel the cold and I hate being cold. For many years I felt guilty when I was cold and got rugged up (yes, I should have included this in my "I Don't Feel Guilty" post but I forgot).  I felt like I was a big wuss and should just tough it out.

Then I realised that, honestly, if I was cold, I was cold, and it didn't matter a rat's butt whether anyone else was cold or not.  While I don't like being cold - I do love the opportunity to wear warm and comfy trakkie daks when I get home from work.  I do love the opportunity to use the colourful range of scarves that I own.  I do love the opportunity to wear the lovely jackets that I have bought since coming to the Gold Coast (yes, I know it doesn't get that cold on the Gold Coast - please see the second parargraph above !!!)

The first year we moved here, there was a cold spell during May of about 4-5 days where the temps got down to around about 5° - to say I nearly died is an understatment.  The coldest it ever got in Durban was probably about 14°-15° and then I thought I was dying from the cold.  We had no heaters.  We had no clothes warm enough to cope.  We lived in a tiled rental house with no rugs.  I froze my butt off.  I would drive to work looking like the Michelin man - wearing just about all the clothes I possessed that would fit on top of each other.  I do recall coming home from work and saying to A "If this is what May is like, we have to move.  There is no way I can live through winter."  We spoke to lots of people who assured us it was very unseasonal and so we stayed.  And bought clothes to suit.  And bought heaters to suit.  And when we bought our home, we put in reverse cycle aircon - we don't use either often but it is so nice to have just to take the chill off the air in the mornings and the evenings when we need to.

Now that I am more prepared for the cold, it is easier when I go out - I take jackets with me.  I have been known to go to a Suns game with a long sleeve T-shirt, my Suns shirt, a hoodie, a puff jacket that we bought when we went to NZ, a blanket, gloves and a scarf.  The good thing is that as a rule, I am generally not cold - unless A isn't there, sitting next to me adding to my warmth (or lack of it !!!).  We also have two jumpers (each) in the back of the car - just in case - A knows two things (OK - he knows lots of things but he especially knows these two things) - I wear twenty-five (or more) pairs of cranky pants if I have to wait somewhere and don't have anything to read OR I get cold !!!!  He is well prepared.

I would love to live somewhere where I could actually see the change of seasons in the trees - but in order to do that I would need to live where the winters are colder and I don't know if I could handle that.  So, for now, I will enjoy looking at photos that other people post of the trees changing colour and losing their leaves and be happy that I don't have to rake up and dispose of said leaves !

Whenever winter hits and wherever you are - rug up, snuggle down and stay warm !

Have the best day !

TFTD : You have to be brave and take chances. Don't live life in fear of what comes next. That's not what living is about.

Thankful Thursday

This week TT has moved to Francesa Writes Here  - so why not pop over, say Hi and join in ?

As always, random things I am thankful for this week are :

- only 8 sleeps until A is home (yes, I am counting !)

- not feeling guilty when I feel cold (long story that should have gone in my I Don't Feel Guilty post except I had forgotten about it !!)

- a fantastic bloggy catch up on Saturday - these ladies are so supportive and full of ideas - we always have such a great time

- beautiful comments from fellow bloggers who went out of their way to let me know their thoughts

- the chance to meet Crashtest Mummy later this week (tomorrow night actually !!!)

- a positive attitude (although only by the skin on my teeth at this stage) for my increasing weight despite cutting sugar, dairy and wheat out of my lifestyle  (Surely I cannot continue to not eat these and yet still not lose weight ???)

- tweeters who share amazing information when they come upon it - today this really touched me - 15 things you should give up to be happy

What are you thankful for today ?
Have the best day !

TFTD : The more you approve of your own decisions in life, the less approval you need from everyone else.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Project Brighten Someone's Day (PBSD)

Some of you may remember I posted about the Pay It Forward (PIF) Project towards the beginning of the year here and I had some responses.  There were quite a few people who said that, while they would like to receive some mail, they weren't too fussed about sending anything on to someone else or they had already received a PIF item but hadn't sent anything on.


This got me thinking.  Since starting PIF, I have realised just how much people really enjoy getting snail mail so I have decided to start another project.  This project doesn't involve you doing anything EXCEPT sending me your address.  I know that there are people out there who are nervous about sending their address to someone they don't know so I want to assure you of the following :

- I will not sell / give away / part with your address to anyone else - and I will only use for the purpose of this project

- I will not stalk you

- I will not turn up unannounced for breakfast (lunch, dinner or morning or afternoon tea) - in fact I won't turn up unless specifically invited

- I will not turn up unannounced, with or without my family in tow, for a two week holiday over Christmas (or any other time of the year)

OK - so now I have got what I won't do out the way, this is what I will be doing.  Project Brighten Someone's Day will mean that, should you send me your address, you will receive something via snail mail, at some point in time in the future.  There is no obligation on you to pass this on to anyone else.  Your only obligation is to smile and let whatever the postie has delivered, Brighten Your Day.


You can either e-mail your address to me at bodyandfeetretreat (@) gmail (dot) com, DM via Twitter where I am @kal20m or DM on Facebook.

And, because it is Tuesday I am linking in with Essentially Jess for #IBOT because that is what I do on a Tuesday !

Have the bestest week e.v.e.r. !!!

TFTD : Thank every person who has ever told you that you can’t achieve your dreams, and let them fuel your motivation until you do.

Monday, 27 May 2013

I Must Confess

I am linking in with Kirsty from My Home Truths for I Must Confess to what my perfect day would be.

It would start with a sleep in that allowed me to wake up when I was ready and not when my alarm clock thinks I should be ready to wake up.

My meals for the day would be prepared by someone else and would be completely paleo.

A trip to a day spa with included a massage and a facial would feature before meeting up with A for a walk along the beach front.

It would include some time reading on a day bed with a cool breeze blowing.

It would end with A and I on the couch watching a movie (can't think which one but I am sure we could find one).

The truth is, I could probably organise this without too much trouble except A isn't home much anymore and when he is here I won't be spending anytime in a spa - you will need a crowbar to pry me away from him !!

Have the best week and take care !

TFTD : Your memories from the past are meant to teach you and guide you, not define you.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Things I Know

Today is Friday, which means it is nearly the weekend (yes, I hang out for the weekend every single week - well unless I have a cr*ppy weekend ahead in which case I wish Friday would stay for three days !!) but I have a lovely weekend planned so, YAY for  Friday !  But, not only is it nearly the weekend, Friday means it's the easiest linky of the week - Things I Know with Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum - because, we all know sh*t !

Well that didn't work quite like I expected it to - I just sat here with my fingers over the keys and my mind went completely blank !! So, I guess MC was wrong today - some days I don't know sh*t at all !!!

OK - I can do this - I know that there must be something I can dredge up out of my brain (or whatever is in residence in my head !!).

- I know that I hate that A had to be taken to hospital by some guy he works with and not me.

- I know that I am happy that he is feeling so much better today.

- I know that while K can drive me absolutely nuts, she truly does have a heart of gold (when it suits her !)

- I know that I will be glad to see the back of this week.

- I know that I am looking forward to a blogging catch up tomorrow - I can't wait (even though I know I have to !!)

- I know that I will try to walk again tonight which will make three walks in five days - not the greatest but certainly better than nothing.

- I know that I am coping with A away much better than I thought I would - maybe I am stronger than I thought I was.

- I know that I have mellowed so much as I have gotten older (28 is old isn't it ? OK it isn't really, 47 is old - well sometimes I think it is)

- I know that I am glad that I have mellowed as I have gotten older.

Have the best Friday possible !!!

TFTD : Stop waiting for the perfect time. It will never come. You have to dare to do it, because life's too short to wonder what could have been.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am not sure who I am linking in with because I know that Leigh from Six By The Bay is passing this linky onto someone else.

Today I am thankful for being alive.  After a HUGE scare yesterday, all I can say is, I am lucky to still be here and for that I am so very grateful.

(Added at 10am - sorry for no details, I wasn't trying to be cryptic - but the jist of what happened yesterday is I veered out of my lane of traffic into a refuse truck.  I battled to get the car under control but eventually did with very little damage to the car and no damage, other than a racing heart in my throat, to me.)

TFTD : Sometimes it takes being away from someone or something for a while to realize just how much you need that person or thing in your life. (This is always brought home to me when A is away for work.)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I Don't Feel Guilty

The other night I was lying in bed and thinking about how I have changed over the past 20 odd years.  Actually, it's probably the last 10-15 yrs that I have really changed but whatever, it's been a while.  Here goes with the list of things I no longer feel guilty about :

- sleeping during the day

- running water to clean a glass and not waiting for a sink full of dishes before washing them

- chopping up veggies and not saving the tops and tails / skins to make some strange concoction, which may or may not, be of use to anyone

- not spending 1/2 hr trying to pick ever single piece of chicken off the carcass

- not believing I am late if I am only 5 mins early

- not making my bed every day

- not washing my sheets every. single. week - it's OK to wash them in a fort-night on occasions

- not opening the post every. single. day

- using the dryer because it makes more sense for me to wash in the evening when I get home from work

- buying good quality food when we can afford it

- planning me time so that I can be the best wife, mother, daughter and friend the rest of the time

- making sure I have some relaxing time most weekends - I do not have to be super busy all the time that I am not at work

- about spending money on myself/my family - we work hard and deserve to spoil ourselves at times.  I don't believe we are frivolous with our money and we don't spend money we don't have.  We save every month and I am really happy with where we are financially in our lives.

- about donating money to those less fortunate than ourselves.  I currently have some loans with Kiva - two have started repaying - it's a great way to help others.

- not doing things the way my parents did

- missing joining in with some blog linkies - I do the best I can with the time I have - sometimes I join in and sometimes I don't - it doesn't mean that I don't think of you guys every day !!

Joining in with Essentially Jess because it is Tuesday and #IBOT - why not pop over and see who else has joined in ?

What do you no longer feel guilty about ?

TFTD : Don't listen to those who tell you exactly what to do.  Listen to those who encourage you to do what you already know in your heart is right.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Things I Know

Well it's Friday which means it's the day for Things I Know except I just popped over to Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum and she hasn't got her normal linky up (I'm thinking she may still be sooki about the Tim Tams having palm oil in them and her not eating them until they don't, but I could be wrong about that !!!)  (I was totally wrong - MC was on her way to visit her sister and her laptop battery went flat - and then when she got there she was too busy gabbing to worry about the linky - love ya MC !!) - so anyway, here is my list of Things I Know today because, as MC normally reminds us, we all know sh*t.

- I know that I miss A when he is away.

- I know that I have made a decision to get more involved with others so that I don't feel so alone while he is not here.  But, he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and, while I can keep busy during the day, going to bed alone sucks big time (especially now that it is getting colder !!!)

- I know that for reasons that are totally beyond me because she is now 21 and should know better, K is a much nicer person to be around when it is just us having one on one time together and her Dad isn't around 'getting in the way' (or whatever it is that she thinks he does when he is home.)

- I know that K was really good about helping prepare and clean up after her party - much appreciated by A and myself.

- I know that we both had a great evening late night shopping last night.  Even though I couldn't find any winter tops to buy, I tried on Converse shoes (I looked like Ronald McDonald in the ones with the white in the front !!) but didn't buy any, and she got a lovely pair which, no doubt we will see when we go to watch the Suns play tomorrow.

- I know that the Suns have a really good chance of winning against the Bulldogs and making it two in a row - go guys !

 - I know that I have activities planned over the next few weekends to keep myself occupied while A is away - so much so I can't go up to visit because I am busy !!!!   After he comes home next time I will plan a weekend up with him.

- I know that I had to laugh (quietly to myself) at K the other day when she told me that she had told the lady who does the rostering at work that she 'would appreciate not being rostered to work on the weekends unless absolutely necessary as my Dad is working in Townsville and my Mom will be all by herself on the weekends.'  Clearly she thinks I am not capable of amusing myself for two days a week !!

- I know that I am going to embrace tomorrow and our tax returns because if I don't it will turn the whole day into one big chore.

- I know that I am enjoying eating good quality healthy food and how my body feels after said food.  While sometimes I miss the taste of sugary/carb foods, I don't miss how they make me feel.

- I know that I am looking forward to my appointment with my osteopath this afternoon.

- I know that I am going to leave there with a sore stomach because we always laugh so much.

- I know that I am looking forward to our twitter party tonight - 8pm AEST #vvow - feel free to join in if you aren't busy with anything else.

- I know that winter is coming - this morning it was 14° when I got out of bed this morning and I did not want to get up.

- I know that I am loving the Good Karma bracelet that Lisa from Random Acts of Zen sent to me - thank you Lovely Lady - I can't tell you how it makes me feel when I look at it and play with the pearls !

- I know that I am thoroughly enjoying the Pay It Forward Project - if you would like to be involved, please leave a comment with an e-mail address or DM me via Twitter/FB and I will send you the details.  Again, thanks to Lisa for the beautiful bells she has sent me to include in this project.

- I know that it is Friday - the best day of the working week !!!!

Have the BEST weekend that you can !

TFTD : Don't beat yourself up too much. You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

This week my Thankful Thursday post will be the same as every other Thursday - r-a-n-d-o-m !  Linking in with Leigh from Six By The Bay for TT.

- I am thankful that we didn't run out of food or drink at K's 21st.

- I am thankful that she enjoyed herself so much.

- I am thankful that I didn't have more than one glass of Amarula and so didn't wake up with a hangover on Mother's Day.

- I am thankful for @FrancesaBlogs and @enay_teekay and the Twitter party we are having on Friday night - come and join us if you aren't doing anything else.  8pm, tomorrow night Friday 17th May, #vvow (virtual vodka or whatever) - optional viewing of Eurovision semi-finals, or anything else you may wish to view - or just be at the party.  We learned a lot from our first party hence the shortened #.

- I am thankful that A has a job and working really hard on coping while he is away.

- I am thankful for free calls between our phones so that even though we can't be together, we can talk for ages without worrying about how much it is going to cost us to pay for said phone calls.

- I am thankful that K went to work and asked if she could have weekends off (if at all possible) as 'my Dad is working away from home and my Mom will be all by herself on the weekends if I am working' !!!!! (This is the same child who thinks the world revolves around her and what she wants - the same child who can scream and yell at me because I have expectations that she will help around the house even though she pays a nominal amount of board - go figure !!)

- I am thankful for new clients who keep coming back - The Body and Feet Retreat really is doing very nicely just ticking over - not so busy that I am rushed off my feet, but enough to keep me happy.

- I am thankful for the extension that I got for our tax returns and look forward to getting them done and dusted on Saturday.  I figure if I embrace the task it may not be as horrible as I think it is going to be.

- I am thankful that today is Thursday because it means that tomorrow is Friday and, for me, the best day of the working week !

Now, if you haven't got anything else to do (because I know how much spare time everyone has - LOL) pop over to Leigh at Six By The Bay and see what everyone is thankful for today.

TFTD : The things we hate about ourselves aren't more real than the things we like about ourselves - Ellen Goodman

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Are You Tired ?

Do you find that you can't get through the day without yawning your head off ?

Are you suffering from the 3pm slump ?

Do you eat carbohydrates and sugar ?

Part of this post is about what happened to me yesterday.  It is not advice in any way, shape or form - it is merely an account of what I noticed, in such a big way, that I had to share it with you.

As you may (or may not depending on how often you read this blog) be aware, it was K's 21st this weekend.  We asked her months ago what she wanted to do to celebrate the occasion and she said "Go out for dinner" which was what we had expected her to say and, despite checking a few times since then, was the plan.  Ten days ago we were trying to confirm exactly where she would like to go for dinner and she wanted to invite when suddenly it turned into a party at home on Saturday night and a family dinner on Sunday night.  And that was OK because it sort of killed two birds with one stone - Mother's Day dinner and birthday dinner all wrapped in one for K, my Mom and myself.

But then we only had less than 10 days to organise a party at home.  I will tell you right now - I don't do parties very well - in fact I suck at organising parties.  I don't have much in the way of creativity or 'seeing' what would make the place look nice so I try to shy away from them as much as possible - sometimes it isn't always possible !!!!

I managed to get a days' leave on Friday.  A flew in from Townsville on Wednesday night and on Thursday tidied up around the verandah a bit and picked up the crockery and cutlery.  On Friday K and I took turns cleaning the pavers with the Karcher and A continued to move things around and get a fence organised to keep Alfie and Rosie away from the guests.  Also managed to pull a fourth table out the hat plus arrange for my folks to buy fabric to make another centre piece as the three tables 'just didn't work they way I thought they would and four would be so much better' !!!!

It poured with rain on Friday night and we all went to bed just a little concerned about what the weather was going to do on Saturday.  We had made the 'tea lights in brown paper bags' and decorated them with ribbon and it looked like things were starting to come together - provided it didn't rain and put the candles out and wet the bags and make the sand fall out of them.  We borrowed some fairy lights from a work colleague and managed to string them up from the garage right around to the end of the verandah - just the length we needed.

Saturday went like clock work.  Balloons were picked up.  Cakes were picked up.  Dinner was collected.  We even managed to fit in a personalised visit around Metricon Stadium which was EXTREMELY interesting (even though we weren't allowed to take photos !!!) and when we got home I still had a chance to have a lie down for an hour before getting ready and the nibblies organised.

The party went off very well - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and most importantly K had a great time - so the stress and the angst of putting it together in a short space of time was worth it.

Some of the cupcakes

The candles in brown paper bags (really effective at night !!!)
(I apologise for the size of this photo - I have no idea how to make it the correct size - sorry !!!)
The tables all set and ready for guests to arrive

We managed to do most of the cleaning up on Saturday night and just had to move furniture etc on Sunday morning.  We had far too much food and drinks and so had to find space to put them all - I think A will be eating meat and vegetable lasagne every week when he is home for the next I don't know how long !!!!

Anyway, while we were busy moving stuff around I had a can of coke, then I had a cup cake (they were red velvet and very delicious) and then I had another can of coke.  By midday I could not keep my eyes open or function in any way that was sensible or useful.  I lay on the couch and did not surface until just on 5pm.  I have not had sugar for quite a few weeks and clearly my body does not do well processing it.  This is the reason that I was so tired and, while I haven't been as tired lately, I didn't realise, until yesterday, just how much sugar affected how I felt. 

If you are feeling really tired - think back to what you have been eating an hour or two prior to that and see whether sugar is not doing you any favours either.  Moving forward I think it will be so much easier to say no to anything containing sugar because I hated how it  made me feel - totally out of it - unable to keep my eyes open and barely able to put one foot in front of the other.

Because it is Tuesday I am linking in with Essentially Jess for #IBOT - have the best week ever and take care !!!

This is an Invitation
to anyone wanting to join a
#vvow (virtual vodka or whatever)
party on Twitter on Friday 17th May at 8pm
(Optional TV viewing of the Eurovision Contest -
or a footy game - or nothing - whichever you prefer)
Come and join in
The More the Merrier
If you want to read more about a previous Twitter/vodka party
you can at Francesca Writes Here

TFTD :  Don’t live your life with anger and hate in your heart. You will end up hurting yourself more than the people you hate.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday (just in case you had forgotten or didn't realise) and so I am linking in with Leigh from Six By The Bay for Thankful Thursday.

Today I am thankful for A's return from Townsville - even though it is only for four days.  With a 21st party being planned at home in three days time, his presence and support is totally needed.  While he has been away, he has been as supportive as he can be by telephone, but there is something to be said for having him, in the flesh, next to me as we race through a heap of things that need to be tidied / moved / cleaned / picked up / organised.  I know that when I get home today, huge steps will have been made forward in what needs to be done (and if it isn't, a bottle of Amarula is in the fridge waiting to console me !!!).

I am hoping to be able to take a day's leave tomorrow so that I can get the last minute things organised.

I am thankful that I have bigger clothes in the garage roof that he is going to get down for me today - and, should I find nothing suitable to wear to Palazzo Versace on Sunday night, I will spend Mother's Day looking for something !!!!!

Have the best day and thank you, once again, Leigh for hosting Thankful Thursday - in the hustle and bustle of life, it is often to easy to forget about being thankful for what we do have.

TFTD : Accept your past without regret, handle your present without hesitance, and face your future without fear.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Coconut Rough

aka Paleo Coconut Snack Bars.  Since I mentioned the coconut rough that I made in my last post, a few people have asked for the recipe so, even this is by no means a cooking/baking blog - here it is (I have listed the original quantities and then the quantity that I make (you're welcome !) - four times as much - it doesn't last long in our house and making single quantities is just a waste of time for me) :

paleo coconut snack bars, paleo recipes, paleo blog

3 TBSP coconut oil (12 TBSP)
1/4C cocoa powder (I found this to be too much so I used 1/8C for single quantity or 1/2C for x 4 quantity)
1/2C ground hazelnuts/almonds/macadamias/pecans (2C)
3/4C shredded coconut (3C)
1 TBSP honey (4TBSP)

1.  Melt coconut oil and honey over low heat
2.  Once combined, remove from heat and add cocoa powder, nuts, shredded coconut and mix well
3.  Line baking sheet with baking paper and pour mixture onto sheet.  (You can shape into individual bars - I make one big sheet of it and then just cut it up into bite size pieces.)
4.  Put baking sheet into freezer or fridge and allow to harden
5.  Cut up and try to ration them so you don't eat them all at once !!!
6.  Store in fridge otherwise they turn to a crumbly granola type mixture.

This has become a staple of my new lifestyle.  It's great to pop a piece or two before exercising - I like the fact that I can chew on the coconut and nuts for ages.

There are some fantastic recipes on this site if you are interested in paleo eating - some complicated, some quick and easy - .  This is not a sponsored post - in fact these guys have no idea I have mentioned their website here - it's just that I have found some great recipes on here and wanted to share it with others.

Because it is Tuesday I am linking in with Essentially Jess for #IBOT - thanks again Jess for hosting such a great linky !!

TFTD : Good things happen when you distance yourself from negativity and those who create it.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Things I Know

Yippee - it's Friday again - my most favourite day of the week because it means that tonight is the start of the weekend and I LOVE the weekend, for lots of reasons that I won't go into now.  What I will do now is join in with Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Orge Mom for the easiest linky in blogland, because, as we all know, and we are reminded by MC, we all know sh*t.

- I know that I have found the yummiest paleo recipe for coconut rough - I made it last week before we went away and it was delicious (even when I had to scoff it down with a spoon because I forgot to put it in the fridge).  On Sunday night, I made some more - four times as much as what we had made previously !  Sadly, it hasn't lastest four times as long - it's just meant that I haven't cooked dinner for the last two nights and eaten copious amounts a few pieces of coconut rough instead !!

- I know that I am about to write to some place (I don't know what they are called but I do have an address for them - oooh just seen an ABN so I can look up the company name) because I filled in a survey (with a few untruths because I don't drink wine) in order to receive two travel coffee mugs (yes, I don't drink tea or coffee but they looked so nice and were the only reason I completed the survey in the first place) in February and still haven't received my travel coffee cups.

- I know that A works for a sucky company who couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery and that they have pushed the realms of my flexibility to the limit. 

- I know that I don't like sleeping alone.

- I know that sometimes the silence is deafening.

- I know that I am happy that we sent out the invitations for K's party last night.  I know that sometimes she is has no sense of practicality - ordering party invitations from a company in England when you want people to RSVP by next Wednesday is probably not the best decision.  Free online invitations is what we are looking for Love !!!!

- I know that thanks to eVite we found them, sent them off and have had more than half the people reply already !

- I know that this means that the party is going to go ahead which means I am going to have to get my sh*t together very quickly.

- I know that I have a wonderful family who have all offered to help - if only K would make up her mind about what she wants !!!!!!!

- I know Mrs Flannery's has a 15% discount on heaps of stuff in store tomorrow so after my client and before catching up with my friend, I will be making a stop there to stock up on what I think I need for the next month.

- I know that my visit to the dentist yesterday turned out to be not nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be - this is one area where I find it really difficult not to expect the worst (maybe now that I am going for regular check-ups because he is so nice and so gentle, the worst won't happen).

- I know that I am loving the weather at the moment - the days are just beautiful and the nights are nice and cool - ideal for snuggling under the doona.

Wishing you all the best weekend ever !

What do you know today ?

TFTD : It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves - Edmund Hillary

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