Tuesday, 18 November 2014


We have building approval - YAY !!!!!

Now to get final quotes from the builders, make a decision and LET THE BUILDING BEGIN !!!

Have the best day !

Friday, 14 November 2014

Another Week

This was another busy week for us starting with a meeting with one of the builders on Monday night which went really well.  All four of us liked him and he had some great suggestions for us on where we could save some money without putting up some cr*ppy little place for the old people.  We are waiting for his final quote after we made a few changes on the night.

What didn't go so well was the phone call from Council advising that, despite a meeting with them and a few phone calls to confirm overlay maps etc, the application that we submitted would result in us having to pay $19k in infrastructure charges.  This all despite the fact that we had been advised to get the size of the house/garage under 100m2 to avoid infrastructure charges !!!  This meant that we had to redo the whole application - a trying task that we finished at 11.45pm that night - and, we went to the bottom of the pile again.  That was the worst thing about it because basically now we are 12 days behind where we were and, given we are trying to get the retainer wall at the back of the house and the retainer wall for the slab built before the Christmas break, we are cutting it really fine now.  But, I'm of the opinion that things will get built when they get built and stressing about it isn't going to make them get done any quicker.

Yesterday after work I went to see my podiatrist to see if he could help with the pains I am getting in the balls of my feet when I run.  The body glide has definitely helped HEAPS with the burning but the pain has still been there.

He has recommended I get a different pair of orthotics for running because there is not enough cushioning in my current pair which are fine for every day wear (although I only really wear them in winter when I wear shoes - in summer I spend most days in thongs or barefoot in the office).  He said that I am suffering from capsulitis where the nerves and tendons on the bones of the balls of my feet are inflammed from the added pressure of running on them. I said that I knew that my weight was not helping but, at the moment, there wasn't anything that I did that was moving it so I am trying to increase my exercise to burn more calories in the hope of creating a calorie deficit which would have to result in some weight loss at some point in time.

He also said that he wouldn't recommend the running shoes that I am using as they are over correcting my problem.  I have run about 850kms in them and they will be fine for walking in - just not to run in.  He gave me the names of two pairs of shoes so I am going to see how much they cost and look into buying one of those pairs.  Hopefully I will be able to sell the second pair that I have at home (same as the original pair I bought) that I have run exactly 2km in !!!!  He also adapted my current orthotics to spread the load under the balls of my feet better so, hopefully, that will help until I get my running orthotics.

Her back yard

We got some photos this morning from K showing the first snow fall in the garden.  They did have some snow on Halloween but it melted as soon as it landed on the ground.  When I FaceTimed a little while later she had to keep changing her hand holding the phone as she doesn't have gloves and it was too cold to keep one hand out her jacket longer than about 25-30 seconds !  She said that getting gloves was the last thing she needed and then she should be set for winter.  When the wind doesn't blow she said it's amazing but when the wind blows - it goes right through you if you don't have the right clothes.

Another view

This weekend we are expecting temps in the mid to high 30s so I think we are going to spend lots of time inside with the aircon on as I doubt there will be much in the way of breezes around.  Plus, they started digging for the deck on the little veranda on Wednesday so there is sand e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e - the dogs haven't been allowed inside because they are just covered in dust and think it's great to be able to run up and down these huge sand banks.  I do hope that all that they have dug out will be used to support the floor when they do eventually throw the slab otherwise we are going to have a continual layer of dust over everything in the house which will drive me to drink quicker than you can say Jack Flash !  They are supposed to be pouring the concrete today for the foundations and the footings.  Then they have to build the supporting walls and then they can throw the slab - the quicker the better is all I can say !!

I have a 9km run planned for tonight - I hope that it will have cooled down a little by the time I leave work this afternoon !!!!

Have the best weekend !

TFTD :  Love and kindness can move mountains.  Learn to give without any reason.  Today, be someone who helps someone else look forward to tomorrow.

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