Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I Did It !!

I did it !  I ran the 15km race yesterday morning - in 2:10.  I think I would have finished closer to 2hrs if my right foot had played along - but it didn't - it mis-behaved - so I am going back to the podiatrist on Wednesday after work to see if he can sort it out.

I was up at 4am and ready to leave by 4.30.  A said he would come with me despite me telling him to rather wait at home instead of hanging around for too many hours waiting for me to finish.  But, being my biggest supporter, he was not about to stay at home.  So he came with.  And followed me along the route there and back - not in a creepy way - just driving ahead and waiting on the side of the road to check I was OK and encourage me along.  At one point he had a bottle of water for me which was great because although the water tables were supposed to be every 2.5km - they weren't actually that well spaced.  The next time I saw him I gave him the bottle back because it was awkward running while holding a bottle and it had got me through a dry patch so that was great. 

I caught up with Kate and Rachel from Operation Move.  Zoey had left by the time I got to the start - she ran the 50km in an amazing 5:50.  Kate ran the 15km in 1:29 and Rachel finished about 2mins ahead of me.  It was lovely to meet these amazing ladies in person.

I figure that if I can run 15km, I can run a half marathon so, I am now looking at entering some more races - an 11km race in January from Riverstage called the Resolution Run, the Convicts and Wenches half marathon at the end of January and then a half marathon at the Twilight Festival around UQ in March - but this all depends on what my coach says she thinks is reasonable for me to achieve.  I was telling a friend about the races I want to enter and she has said she would like to run with me so that is great - the parts of the race that I ran with Rachel on Sunday were really good.

Some other great news is I booked our tickets to go and visit K next year.  When we facetimed her to tell her, I thought her face was going to split in half her smile was so big !!! Then the tears came in her eyes and I asked if she was sad about us coming over - she laughed and said "No Mom, they are tears of joy." (I think she is pleased she is going to see us and not have to wait until she gets home again !!!)

I don't think I will be posting again before the new year. I am so looking forward to the break over Christmas - a break from the day to day grind of going to work - a chance to sleep in - run when I want - potter around the house - work in the garden - spend time with A and my folks.  Dad has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time - so far he has managed to fight it successfully twice.  Tomorrow he is going for another PET scan and then has an appointment with the surgeon so hopefully we will have some more answers by the end of the day.

For those with great plans for Christmas - I hope that they come off for you and that you have a wonderful time.  For anyone like us, with no children at home, and no plans for Christmas - enjoy your day whatever you may land up doing - I know that we are looking forward to a really quiet day at home.

And, because it is Tuesday, it's time to join in with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT.

What are your plans for Christmas ?
Do you like having big plans ?
Would you rather have a quiet day at home ?
 TFTD : Accept this moment, without judgement or needless worry.  Remind yourself that all is well, and that you can handle whatever comes along.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I Can See The Improvement

This coming Sunday at 5.30am I am going to be down at Kurrawa waiting to run 15km - yes, you read that right, 15km !!!  I hadn't realised that when I signed up that I wasn't going to get in the amount of training that I would need to be able to run 15km but I'm going to give it a try anyway.  I certainly will be walking some of the way but I have learned that there is no shame in walking - in fact, there are times when, although I have included some walking, I have actually landed up doing a faster time than when I ran the whole way.

I can see the improvements in my 5km and 7km times which is certainly encouraging.  Like Zoey says - I can't compare one run to the next because there are so many factors that will change how I run and the pace that I run but, over a period of time, I can look back and see the improvements that I've made which is what really counts (so long as I don't look all the way back to 2009 when I was running heaps faster than I am now !!)  At some point I will get back there - I'm just not there right now.

I have changed a few things - I got new running orthotics, I got new running shoes, I started using bodyglide on my feet, I got toe socks and I started to strap my knee - OK, so I changed more than a few things but at my age, I need all the help I can get when it comes to exercise !!!!  The main thing is that whatever it was that needed to be changed, has been changed and is working.

I want to thank A for his support and encouragement - there is no time that is not a good time for me to run according to him !!!  Whenever I say "I need to go for a run" - the answer is always - "Have fun" - to him, running is about having fun.  I am not quite of the same belief, I run because I like how it makes me feel, I run because I know it's good for me to exercise, I run because I want to get healthy but, at the moment, I don't run because it's fun.

I also want to thank my village - the amazing ladies at Operation Move - who are there, every step with me - who help to hold me accountable on the days I think I will get home and try to get out of running.  When I'm home from running, I go on FaceBook and let everyone know that I didn't dip out of running in favour of sitting on the couch / deck crocheting - the support and encouragement from them is just great and it certainly helps to keep me going some nights when I am plodding along the road.

A is away this week.  He has changed the division he is working in and will, in all likelihood, be spending more time away from home BUT that is OK.  I am getting used to spending time by myself - it's a pity that the time difference with K isn't more favourable because I could probably spend a lot of time chatting to her !!!  She is doing so well and is having such a great time over there.  She is certainly getting out and about and seeing the country.  I think Christmas will be a little difficult not having her around but, as parents, we have to let our children go and if it means that they live in a different country - so be it.  I think the fact that she is doing well is a testament to how we brought her up - and I will be taking some of the credit for that !!!! LOL

It's Tuesday which means it's #IBOT time with Jess at EssentiallyJess - I know that I haven't been linking in every week but sometimes life becomes more important than blogging.

Have the best day !!!

TFTD :  Your problems, weaknesses, setbacks, regrets and mistakes will teach you if you're willing to learn.  Or, they will punish you if you're not.

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