Saturday, 1 March 2014

What Do I Know This Week ?

First up, I know that this is the 1st March and this year is flying by faster than you can say Jack Flash !!

I know that I am sick of packing and having my house look like a tornado has passed through it.

I know that I am sick of having a second lounge that is full of packed boxes and empty boxes with bubblewrap coming out of them.

I know I am sick of having packing tape lying on the diningroom table where I am doing the packing.

I know I am sick of having a back that aches.

I know that I can't wait to move on 14th March BUT I also know that we got a phone call at about 5.30pm yesterday asking us if we would extent settlement date by a week as the seller won't be able to finish everything that needs to be done by the 14th.  Really ????  He has known he is selling his house since whenever he put it on the  market.  He has known he has a buyer for his house since we signed a contract on 23rd December.  He has known we were going to be moving in on 14th March since we signed a contract on our house on 6th February.  He has known since 24th January the issues that were picked up in the building inspection that needed to be rectified.  Now, two weeks before we are due to move in he says he needs more time.  And, in order for him to stay there another week, we have to move our furniture into storage, stay in a motel for a week and then move our furniture out of storage - sorry mate, I don't think so.  We are still waiting to hear what it is that he hasn't done that he needs another week to finish, so I am figuring that it probably isn't that much and he is just looking for more time because it's easier to procrastinate over doing something than actually doing it.

I know that we have driven past the house on numerous occasions since we signed the contract looking to see whether he has made a start on what needs to be done outside and, up until earlier this week, no start had been made.

I know that I am happy that all the loan documents have been signed and are being processed by the bank.

I know that, while I said I was going to die in this house, that has changed and, given the size of the house and property we are moving to, I have to think that there will come a point in time when we will downsize to something smaller - I sure hope that will be our last move - I'm not cut out for all of this.

I know that Optus don't offer a service to our new address and I know that I have handed the whole telephone change-over to A to deal with - it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond my capability !!

I know that I managed to get our electricity changed over.

I know that I am more than a little annoyed that we lose our 44c government subsidy on the electricity buy back - and, not only do we lose the 44c that we currently get, but when we move and it changes to 8c, we lose that from 1 July meaning that there really is very little financial incentive for anyone to install solar.

I know that I am a day late linking this in with Miss Cinders at The Miss Cinders but, better late than never !!

Have the best weekend !

Do you have any packing tips I could use ?
What do you know this week ?

TFTD : When nothing goes right .............................. go left


  1. How bloody frustrating for you, I know I would be really really really peeved....I figure that I will move minimum 2 times more, once to a rental while we wait for a transfer (assuming the marriage is still going) and then when we move what I hope to be will be the final move, the house will be a smaller two bedroom place, well a bigger two bedroom place sounds better :)

  2. Hopefully in a month or two you can look back and breathe better xx
    I had to smile at the last bit, my dad used to always ask me when I was a kid, "Are you right...or left?" :)

  3. I know that seller sound like a bit of a twit! Hope he gets his act together for you, or perhaps covers all those extra expenses he wants to heap upon you regarding the storage and hotel. Sending you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful week

  4. I just can't believe he asked you to extent by a week! I'm very curious to know what are his reasons...

  5. They say that moving house is right up there with the most stressful life events in a person's life and your moronic seller just went and made it even more stressful for you. He sounds extremely inconsiderate and disorganised at best. I wonder how he would react if someone did that to him? What a tosser. I hate dealing with phone companies too. I don't even want to think about how long it took to get my phone and internet up and running through Telstra two years ago when I last moved house. I think I called them every Saturday morning for six weeks in a row. It was like everytime the weekend rolled around and I had some time off work it was time to call Telstra again! Sending positive vibes your way as you navigate the challenges of the next couple of weeks. xx


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