Thursday, 4 September 2014

Quick Post

To all those amazing people who left comments on my last post - THANK YOU !!!!!  I will try to get to answer your questions as soon as I can.

Life has got in the way of blogging and, unfortunately, after this post, life is going to get in the way again causing another lack of posts.

This evening my folks and I are flying to South Africa as my aunt died on Sunday.  While she was incredibly sick 6 years ago and spent 9 months in intensive care, she pulled through and has been doing really well.

She was admitted to hospital on Saturday with a blood infection and died early on Sunday morning.  I feel really sorry for my folks, they already had their tickets booked to go there to visit next month.  On Saturday after we got the news she had been admitted to hospital, I asked if they were going to see if they could change their tickets (without having to pay a fortune to do so) and they said they would see how she progressed.  We certainly never expected to hear that she had passed away the next day - she wasn't that sick !!!!  (or maybe that is just my brain that doesn't want to accept that she isn't here anymore.)

I am flying home on Wednesday night and my folks arrive about 10 days later.

The stresses this week of trying to get a passport renewed in quicksmart time all the while waiting to hear about funeral arrangements to ensure we get flights booked that see us arriving before the funeral has been awful.  I do want to give a whole hand of high fives to DFAT - 90mins after dropping my renewal form with them, my passport was ready.  The only thing that would have improved the service is if they had told me there was a person at the back, anxiously waiting for my paperwork to cross their desk.  Had I known that someone would pounce on my renewal and get it processed that quickly, I would have taken my folks to lunch, picked up my passport and driven back down to the coast !!

And riddle me this - why, oh why, are passport photos so awful ????????????????????????

On to happier news - my interval running is going really well.  On Tuesday night I was doing a 5min warm up, 5 x 3 min run 90 sec walk, 5 min warm down.  During the run intervals of 2, 3 and 4 - I felt like I could run forever - it was amazing.  And then I started the 5th interval and I realised that, while I would love to run forever, I still need to work a little bit harder on that.

I have packed two sets of running clothes, my runners and my Garmin because I would hate to want to run and not be able to because I don't have the right equipment !!!!  A suggested taking the charger etc for my Garmin because if my 'sister' doesn't have a 'running' watch, I could leave that with her and buy another one when I get home.  I will see what she has and whether or not she likes it.

I caught up with some beautiful people at the QT Hotel on Sunday - it was so good to meet fellow bloggers for real.  It sounds like most people had a great time at ProBlogger and certainly a lot was learned by those who attended if the tweets and FB posts are anything to go by.

I promise to be back as soon as I can !

Have the best day everyone !!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Aunt. xx
    I hope you do get a little enjoyment from your trip even if it is for such sad circumstances.
    I think we all need to see just how bad your passport photo is!!
    Good on you with your running.
    Take care xx

  2. I hope all goes well in SA for you and your folks. Safe travels. Catch ya when you get back.

  3. Please please have a safe trip, yes I think a photo of your passport photo is in order and thirdly as far as you're running, what came immediately to mind was run forest run. sending you a multitude of hugs xxx

  4. Sorry for your loss. Have a safe trip and congrats on the running. That's awesome! Hugs to you. xo

  5. Big hugs hon. Sorry for your loss and thinking of you and your parents.
    If your parents show prof of the funeral I think the airline will assist with flight changes xxx

  6. I am so sorry for your loss Linda... I'm sending my prayers and best thoughts your way. Have a safe trip.

  7. Sorry to hear about your Aunt - take care and hugs xx

  8. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry to read of the sudden passing of your aunty and that you had such a stressful time on top of that with having to renew your passport so quickly. I hope everything goes/went as well as could be expected on your trip to SA. Sending you huge love and hugs. xxxx

  9. I am sorry! I'm only just reading this now. I hope that the stress has settled somewhat and you feel a bit better too. Hugs beautiful. Xx

  10. So sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope your stresses are over and that you've had a healing journey home :-)

  11. Linda firstly I am so sorry for your aunt and family. Secondly I'm so sorry I've only just come to this post. I read all my blogs from emails and I thought I had subscribed to My Journey but clearly I hadn't. I have now. I sent a message with Rae Hillhorst, apologising for not being able to Make Sunday breakfast after ProBlogger as we had to fly home. Hope she passed it on. The running sounds as if it's going really well You're inspiring me and I need inspiration because I just stood on the scales and I'm horrified.

  12. I think I just lost my comment. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt and all you have been going through lately Hun and I can't believe you were at Problogger and I didn't get to meet you in person :( xx

  13. I bet it hasn't been the easiest time for you x
    I hope things have now settled down and you can get back to blogging sometime in the future - you have been missed, my friend!


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