Friday, 19 October 2012

Team Friday

Linking in with the lovely Stacey-Lee from Get On With It Already for Team Friday because it has been a while since I blogged on a Friday (in fact it's been a while since I blogged three times in one week !!!!!) but work is a little less frantic and so I have found I have a little more time to breathe !

My exercise is starting to get back to where I want it to be - it isn't quite there just yet but I am working on it.  Thanks to Kate from katesaysstuff and #operationMOVE - I have been moving more than I would have had I not joined in which is fantastic !  It was just the motivation that I needed to get moving.

Some nights I go for a run and then when I get home  go for a walk with A and the two dogs.  I have learned that I can't go for a run then hang around waiting to go for a walk - my legs don't like that and neither do my knees - they battle to get moving for the walk after a break like that.  But it is all good !

Last week I did a couple of runs - one was just over 5kms - no walking - which I was really happy about.  Another run was only 3.7km but my pace was 6:36/km which I was EXTREMELY happy with - now to build up my distance and my pace.

What I plan to do is some nights run for distance and other nights run for pace - at some point it has to all come together, doesn't it ????  And, if it doesn't, I guess it isn't all bad - at least I have been exercising in the meantime.

Last night I joined the LEANing Challenge which starts on Monday (but it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get started on it) so will keep you all informed on how I am going with that.

Right now - LIFE IS GREAT - things are going well at home, with my family, with work, with my life and I am all sorts of grateful for that !!!!

Have the best weekend you possibly can.  I am looking forward to a picnic with K and the two little girls that she babysits on a Saturday down at Burleigh - after an appointment with the osteo who I know is going to rouse on me because I haven't been kind to my body !!!  Sometimes it just won't listen to me !!!!!!

TFTD : Regularly having fun is a key factor in having a happy life, people who have fun are twenty times more likely to feel happy.
{I wonder if that is why we were so happy at the 7's rugby on Saturday - it was so much fun ?????}


  1. I am so glad to hear that life is great! I love your positivity- It makes me smile :-) much love x x gil

  2. 5k without stopping GO GIRL! I think mixing it up a little is a great idea, moving is moving! Thanks for linking up with TEAM Friday! x

  3. Great runs, I did a wee jog yesterday and always think I'm a legend when I jog anywhere at all. As Kate wrote recently, if I can run, anybody can. It is great exercise. OperationMove is also motivating me, am planning to get to the swim class tomorrow. Glad to read such positivity from you and the TFTD is spot on and has made me think about fun.

  4. inspirational and I look forward to keeping up with you now that I've read a bit about your goals. Great work!


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