Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quick Hullo

I just had a look at my blog and see that I haven't posted since 28th September - how did that happen ?  How did two weeks go by without a post ?  How did I not realise that it was two weeks ?

Quite easily I guess given that is what happened !!!!

Bottom line - work has been chaotic.  Accounts lady at our plant in Inala went on leave - over month end - nice one GM of that plant for authorising that without checking who would do her work when she was away.  So I went up three of the five days the first week - only to get there and find that the receptionist's Mom had had a stroke the day before and so she was off as well.  So between trying to do the accounts and cash sales and cover reception and get home at a reasonable time to be able to exercise, I felt a bit like a headless chook.

The second week was even worse because it was my month end and I have 6 companies to close - all the while trying to get up to Inala to get that work finished so that I could finish my work.  Our management meeting is on Monday morning and luckily I have managed to get those financials all finished - just the last of the tax accounts to balance, 2 BAS statements to be reconciled and I am done for another month - YAY !!!

In the meantime one of the guys who works with us got a phone call to say that his brother had just committed suicide so he took off to go and help his family.  The funeral is tomorrow so will be going up to Toowoomba for that.

Months ago my folks were out and about on their travels and saw some chenille yarn and called me and I got them to buy me 30 balls - I have started making blankets with this yarn and it is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful to crochet.  Last night I stayed up until about 12.45 because I wanted to keep crocheting !!!!!!!  I have asked them to keep an eye out for more when they are out and about - it is so soft.  I know that some baby somewhere is going to be happy to have that keeping them warm.

Today K got an sms to go out on an SES call - she is very excited about going to look for a 57yo in the rain - please let her be safe wherever she is and whatever they are doing to find this poor person who is missing.  I am very proud of her decision to join the SES and help others in times of need / trouble.

We did get a new mattress but that is a whole other post !

To all those bloggers at the ProBlogger Training Event - have the BEST time ever !

TFTD : You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.


  1. Wow you have been busy!
    I hope that lady was found safe and well.

    1. Thanks Chris - not nearly as busy as you always are ! I often read your posts and wonder just how you manage to do all that you do.
      They didn't find the person while K was out and on Friday they were still missing - haven't heard anything on the news about whether they have been found since - must ask K.
      Have a great day !

  2. Hello, lucky I got to see you in person so didn't miss the posts as much as I might have! I think I need you at my place to help me sort out my useless finances... I'm sure I have said that before to you too. MUST do last fin year tax return and then must, must do better accounts for this year...mostly expenses, few incomings sadly.

    Hope that things will stay a bit calmer at work for you. I would be so very proud if any of the kids chose to join the SES, it's a wonderful service to the community. Well done your girl.

    1. Thanks Seana - I am so glad we got to catch up as well ! I'd be happy to come down for a few days and sort your accounts out for you - I think it is only my own that I keep putting off because I can't be a*sed to do them !!!!
      Have a great day and take care !


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