Thursday, 10 April 2014


This week I have so much to be thankful for - and happy about.  Since starting #100happydays on 1st April, I have found so many things that make me happy during the day - even on the cr*p days.  This challenge has shown me that there is definitely happiness to be found during the day every day of the week - no matter how bad things seem to be.

These are my #100happyday photos from the past week :

Day 3 - tickets to John Edward 
(I love this man and his ability)

Day 4  -sunrise in the loungeroom

Day 5 - a winning scoreline at 3/4 time
that grew by the end of the game

Day 6 - seeing someone use a quilt I made
as the evenings get a little chilly

Day 7 - after a few really bad nights of sleep,
my bed never looked this good !

Day 8 - not having to cook - YAY !!!

Day 9 - sitting on the swing chair on the deck
watching K on the ride on

Linking up with Rhianna for Thankful Thursday and so glad that my work is almost done as I go on leave for two works tomorrow.

Have the best Thursday EVER !!!

What are you thankful for this week 
what has made you happy ?

TFTD :  When it comes to choices and change, always do a gut check.  What do YOU want to do ?  What would make YOU feel joy, passion, healthy or on the right path ?  Do that.  No other opinions are needed.


  1. Have a fantastic wonderful holiday :)

    1. Thank you Jaxx - I plan too !!!
      Have a great weekend !

  2. Have a fabulous time away!! I would love to see John Edward, he really is amazing.
    You have a great list of thankfuls there!!

    1. Thank you Ann. I could listen to John Edward for hours at a time - I just wish I could have someone come through for me when we are there.
      Have a wonderful day !

  3. Have a dazzlingly brilliant time away. I am at 32/100 #100happydays - some days I've struggled for a picture but I can always find something. It's easy when we try.
    I am so thankful for the people on my team - such a relief that I am not alone in this difficult time.

    1. That's right Trish - it's easy when we try.
      I'm really glad to hear that you have such a supportive team around you - I know that the team taking care of my Dad were amazing and my folks couldn't praise them enough for all that they did to make sure that he was comfortable and knew what was happening every step of the way.
      Have the best day you can !

  4. oh how exciting to go and see John, I would love to see him one day. Thanks so much fir joining in and enjoy your holidays


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