Friday, 11 April 2014

Things I Know

Today is Friday which means it's time to link in with Ann from Help I'm Stuck for  Things I Know which is the easiest linky going because we all know something - even if it isn't very exciting - we at least know it !!!!

I know that I am going to miss this child of mine when she leaves mid-August.  She has decided to accept an au pair position with a family in Chicago for 12 months with the option to extend to 18 or 24 months depending on how things are going.

I know that we probably need to have the ride on looked at or at least try to find out exactly what they are supposed to and not supposed to do when they are on it.  After helping a little girl from up the street on Sunday get her dog home, I was walking back down the street while A was cutting the front verge.  I didn't understand what was going on and why I couldn't see him - there was just this thick billowing cloud of smoke.  By the time I got to our driveway I was laughing so much I had to stop and cross my legs to make sure I didn't pee my pants !!!  Clearly it wasn't just what A was doing when he was on because a similar thing happened to K when she was on it !

I know that after taking Alfie to the vet last night to get the latest injury to his ear (caused by Rosie) and $130 later, this picture of Rosie (I think) shows her trying to find where she can get out of the yard again.  She truly is a Houdini artist !!!  They have been very happy in the yard since the first weekend when they escaped after she had found the teeniest, tiniest hole in the fence.  Until last night.  We took Alfie to the vet at about 7pm and got home at about 8.45pm.  We put him outside with Rosie and drove to friends about 10 mins away to drop something off.  We had been there about 5 mins when we got a call from a neighbour a few doors up from us to say she had both Rosie and Alfie.

Well they certainly are a great way to meet the neighbours !!!!!  We drove home and walked up to get them and the neighbours were hoping they didn't have tags and could keep them - they just loved them both.  We stood around chatting to them for a while and they seemed really nice - so that was a good thing to come out of the whole 'dogs getting out' thing !!  It's just annoying because we know that they are happy where they are - Rosie just loves to escape and explore.  The neighbours were surprised to hear that (a) Rosie was younger than Alfie and (b) that she is the instigator of 'dogs go exploring' out of the two of them saying that Alfie looks like the cheeky one who would be trying to escape.  How deceiving looks can be !!!!!

I know we are on leave for 2 weeks from today - 10 days at home waiting for contractors to come around and give us advice and quotes, building cupboards, putting up shelves, unpacking boxes and generally trying to finish off moving plus working in the garden and trying to get it to the point where we are happy with what we have got.  I know that it won't all happen in the 10 days we are home but hopefully we will be able to make a huge dent in what needs to be done.  And then we have 4 days in Melbourne - can't wait to go to the MCG and, while I will enjoy the Suns game, I think the atmosphere at the Cats/Hawks game will be much better.

Have the best weekend EVER !!!!

What do you know ?
Have you joined in with Ann ?  
What are you waiting for ?

TFTD :  You are the only person responsible for your success.


  1. Oh wow - what a big adventure for your girl! I wish her all the best but yes, you will miss her lots. Naughty puppies ;-) ... enjoy your time off!

  2. ohhh if you are like me you will pine for your daughter….mine is still in Australia, yours is the other side of the world….but I am sure she'll enjoy the adventure.

    Have a marvellous holiday….and enjoy the footy!!

  3. Awesome news K!! Maybe K can start a blog telling her travel tales.
    Might be time to get the ride on fixed!!
    My dogs seem to have passed the running off stage although the other morning I came home and one of them was out the front!! Much like kids it is lucky they are cute!!
    Enjoy your leave, I hope you get all the bits done that you wanted too. Enjoy Melbourne too!!
    Thanks for linking up!! See you in a few weeks!!

  4. How super exciting for K, what a fantastic adventure for her. How nice to have so much grass you need a ride on as well. Glad the dogs were found before they got too far. Enjoy your time off lovely

  5. Best of luck to K and hope you are not missing her too much. Have a great time in Melbourne! xo

  6. I'm STUPID - JUST SAW THE VISIBLE AFTER approval (and keep putting on caps - sorry)

  7. Our girl Coco would KILL to escape our yard... she got out once and it took a long, scary 45 minutes to find her again... AND the tart had dragged Teddy off with her too.
    Your neighbours were lovely to care for your dogs till you could pick them up.
    Moving into a new home always takes time to settle in. but it's fun!
    I hope all is well with you.

  8. Chevron Pattern:
    Cast on in multiples of 15 stitches. Mine has 45 stitches, so three repeats of the pattern.

    Row 1 : K 3, then k twice into the next stitch (front and back of loop), K 4, slip 1 stitch, K two together, pass slipped stitch over, K 4, then K twice into the next stitch (front and back).... REPEAT to end.
    Row 2 : K 3, P until last 3 sts, K 3.

    It's incredibly easy! Have fun.

  9. I forgot to say, you can do however many rows of each colour to suit you, no rules. I changed colour AFTER a Purl row.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful time in Melbourne! Loved reading about the ride-on and your dogs! :) I know you will miss K terribly while she's away, but what a fantastic opportunity for her to travel. Do you think you will visit her while she's over there?


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