Monday, 9 April 2012

Finally - A Cycle

This is how I felt today when I was cycling - happy enough to wave to anyone who was around (of course as we were cycling by ourselves on Easter Monday, there were no crowds lining the streets cheering us on but that was OK - we encouraged each other to continue and keep up the pace).

It has been far too long since we cycled but  I loved every minute of being on the bike.  Fantastic weather helped as well as I hate cycling when it is too windy.  My butt is feeling it now.  Since losing weight I can fit into my smaller cycling knicks but man, there is a lot less padding there now and my butt bones certainly noticed the difference when we were out there this morning.  We landed up doing just over 18kms which wasn't bad given how long it has been since we have had the bikes out and operational.  So much so I had to pump my tyres up before we left !!!!  Always an indication of just how long it has been since I have had my butt in the saddle.

I want to get in touch with our trainer before tomorrow night as I would like to focus on strengthening my legs in preparation for the running that I am going to start doing.  We went to see friends last night and she showed me the Couch to 2km program - I would love to give that a try except I don't have 9 weeks until I run the Mother's Day race.  Some tips she gave me from there were - only run 3 days per week and don't run 2 days in a row. 

So, my plan is this :
Monday,  Wednesday, Friday or Saturday - run the 5.25 interval training that I have set up on Runkeeper
Tuesday, Thursday - training with PT
Friday/Saturday (whichever I don't run) - rest day
Sunday - cycling
Interchangeable as required depending on availability of PT as he has started a new job and occasionally isn't able to make it

Here's to success with the above training so that I can achieve my goal of running 4kms on 13th May (coincedentally - one day after my baby says goodbye to her teen years - how did those 20 years go by so quickly ?????????????????????).  A leaves for Townsville tomorrow and will be away 2-3 weeks so I am going to have to really make sure that my self motivation levels are high - he is often the one who really manages to get me out there, doing what I want to do - there are times I just need a little bit of outside encouragement !!

Enjoy the last day of the Easter long weekend - whatever you are doing and wherever you are - go safely !

TFTD : People who love themselves are far more attractive than those who try to become attractive.  Self-acceptance is perfectly compelling. - Alan Cohen


  1. I am sure you will achieve it, and yay for cycling I so miss it.

  2. You are doing such an awesome job with your journey - I am in awe of how well you are doing, you are so inspiring. I can' wait for you to do the 4k MDC run, I did that last year and although the run didn't go as planned, I learned a lot from it. My only tip for you is not to take it too seriously because it is supposed to be fun, take it at your own pace and just enjoy the race and remember it is for charity not the olympic try outs, also remember that it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish it cause it's not a race it's a FUN run. Another tip - have a look at the course outline and see if there are any hills you need to prepare for!!!!

    This is so exciting, I am so happy for you - tell hubby to bring extra jumpers for himself cause it will probably be really cold cheering you on.

    I can't help you with the teenage sites, most of the ones I come across are for young children, but if I come across any older ones I will let you know.

    I love blog hops, but have trouble finding fitness ones, most of them are for mothers with young children, but my favourite hop is from Jill at at Fitness, Health and Happiness. She has a great blog and a Fitness Friday blog hop each week. Hope to see you there this week xx

  3. Good on you with the cycling, I love to ride my bike, but a leisurely roll is more my style lol. So sorry away is going away again. I hope the weeks pass quickly for you Hun xx

  4. hey, looking damn good on that bike girl :-)

  5. fantastic for you with your cycling! i have not been on a bike in forever.

    my husband travels also, some times for a few weeks at a time. i always plan big (messy) projects when he is away be it cleanng, painting, sewing, etc so i feel like i really accomplished something.

    we are a good fit like you and your husband, we motivate each other also in our physical activities. that is just the best to have that support system!

    thank you for your supportive and wonderful comment on my blog :)
    have a wonderful day!
    xo tracie

  6. That running program was the last one I did before the ankle gave out. Really really enjoyed it. It is still on my Nano.
    So glad you are back on your bike (LOL) again. I will look at the Runkeeper app too. Might be just what I need to help me make yet another list.
    Hopefully see you next Sunday morning if you have the time.

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