Sunday, 4 November 2012

Going Well

Yesterday we had a great day - shopping - as a family !!!  We got into the car in the morning and K said "I feel just like a little girl again going shopping with my Mom and Dad" - we all laughed !!!  Told her she was welcome to drive and we would go with her but she was happy to be a passenger !

First stop was to Parklands where Lifeline was having a $2 sale.  We managed to get some clothes which was great.  It was a totally different experience for us - seeing people snatching armfuls of clothing and then off into a corner, going through and trying things on, then putting what wasn't suitable back on the tables and taking another armful.  Anyway, we got what we needed as well as a bag big enough to put clean clothes and towels in to change into after Warrior Dash.

Our next stop was the Lifeline shop where we managed to get 6 pairs of shoes (which is enough for 2 obstacle races !!!) plus two caps, one hat and a pair of sunnies for $50.  So, we are all set for Kilcoy - watch out, the M Family is on it's way on Friday after work !!!!

The rest of the day was giving my opinion on K's shopping - the bag she was getting for $20 from Meyers because she had to use a Meyer's voucher ($100) from Christmas the year before last.  The only problem was that we were at Robina and, while they had two in stock according to their computer, they didn't actually have any she could buy because they couldn't find them !!!!!  But, Pacific Fair had an actual bag on their floor so we went across there and got it.

She was also looking for a dress for her work Christmas party - they are having a Masquerade Evening and she needs a dress (and shoes and bag of course plus accessories !!!!) for the night.  We found a couple that she liked but they didn't have her size or she liked it but I didn't - so nothing finalised on the dress.  This has to be a 20yo logic -

K - Hey Mom - do you like these shoes ?
Me - Not really - when are you going to wear them ?
K - To the Christmas party
Me - But you don't even have a dress yet - how can you buy shoes when you don't have a dress
K - Oh yes - maybe I won't get them
Me - (to myself) - You think ????

We got home and A was going out with his brother to see someone who was down from Darwin for the Pan Pacific Masters Games so off he went.  This meant K and I were free to watch the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD to complete our Twilight recap that we started a little while ago.  He got home at about 4.30 and as soon as the movie was finished, he and I took the dogs for a walk.

This was a big thing for me (thanks to Tracey at Bliss Amongst Chaos and her 30/30 challenge for November) because normally if I have spent some time on the couch, I find it EXTREMELY difficult to get up and get exercising.  There was no way I could drop the ball on the 3rd day of the challenge !! I do believe I will get back to the point where I am in the habit of exercising - every - single - day - so even when I have a rest day I can just walk with A and the dogs.  He is wanting to exercise more and I am trying to help him do a little bit at a time.  Hopefully we will get there with him as well as myself !!!

This morning I had coffee/water with my dear friend from Colours of Sunset.  We were going to go for a walk but due to inclement weather down the coast we just met for a catch up and a drink.  I had such a great time.  I was a little late because, after a slight change in arrangements, I thought I would be able to get a short run in.  And I did.  With some great times.  6:12 for the 1st km, 6:15 for the 2nd km and then the last 1.3km I was a little stuffed and landed up averaging 6:21 for the whole run.  BUT, I am not knocking that - for me it is a good time even if the run was shorter than normal.  What I hadn't factored into my time allowed before I had to leave, was time to cool down AFTER my run !!!  So with ceiling fans going fall blast and me dashing under it when I could, I managed to get there about 5 mins late.  We had a great time anyway - well I know I did and I hope she did too !!!!! 

After that I had a couple of things to do - then came home, had some fritatta for lunch and spent a few hours on the couch catching up on blogs/FB/twitter (which all seem quite quiet this afternoon which is good !!!)

A just called to say he is finished work and on his way home which is great as I wasn't expecting him for at least another 2-3hrs !  K will be home from work just now and we will be making some more fritatta and breakfast muffins for us to have next week.

I hope you have all had a great weekend and that the up-coming week isn't too stressful !!!

Have a great day !

TFTD : You don't need a reason to help people.


  1. yummo frittata's ... must start making more of them. What are in your "breakfast muffins" ?

  2. You are doing so well with your dietary changes and A wanting to exercise more means you are finally rubbing off on him YAY to you and to the changes you are seeing in A and K too. Got to love the logic, buying shoes before the dress!!


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