Friday, 22 March 2013

Where Does The Time Go To ?????

I know that I have been MIA for a while - thank you to everyone who has been in touch with me to check that things are OK - I can't tell you how much I appreciate it !!!!

Because it is Friday, it means linking up with Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum for Things I Know because, as we all know, we all know sh*t !!!!

- I know that I seem to be having more down days than up days and I need to be OK with this.  It is a process and I need to work through it.  A HUGE thanks to A for being so patient with me - to be honest, if I was married to me I think I would have asked me to leave a little while ago - he has the patience of a saint !!

- I know that taking time off work only provides temporary relief.  I wonder how much I could cut our expenses to allow me to stop working for 12 months ? I'm thinking that won't really be a solution because struggling financially would probably land up being more stressful for me.

- I know that LydiaCLee from Where The Wild Things Were posted about online friends who go quiet - and then I got stuck in the middle.  I won't often post if I don't have something positive / up beat to say - I don't like to post Negative Nelly stuff - not because I don't want to share what is happening and have people think that my life is all bright, fluffy and cheerful - but more because I don't want to chase my readers away with NN posts.  I didn't look at it from the perspective of posting about the cr*p and getting the support of  my online friends.  I know that if I read a post and it sounds like the person is battling I try to say something up lifting or get in touch with them to see if there is anything I can do to help - why I would think that people don't want to read about the downs in my life, I don't know ?

- I don't know what has happened with my blog.  I haven't posted for 2 weeks (Last post was Friday 8th March 2013) and there have been 893 page views since then - which is an average of 64 posts per day.  Who on earth is clicking on here when I haven't even posted anything ?  This, I don't know.

- I know that I have a 10km event to run on Sunday at 5pm at UQ in Brisbane.  I know that I have not done nearly enough training for it.  I know that this worries me.  I know that I will be happy so long as I finish the 10km and don't come last.  I know that next time I think it is a great idea to book an event so far in advance, I will check with someone sensible before registering for said event.

- I know that today is Friday and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy I could do the happy dance - which would be totally OK as I am the only one in the office right now so it isn't as though anyone would laugh at me.  I don't think I could have got through another day to get to the weekend (even if above mentioned 10km run is taking place on this particular weekend !!!)

- I know that A has invited people over for dinner tomorrow night and, once they get there, we will enjoy ourselves, but man I wish I didn't have to cook a meal that is required to be edible by visitors !!  It's so much easier when it is just the two of us and I say "I don't feel like eating anything - can you get something for yourself ?"

- I don't know how to choose who to sponsor through Kiva - do I pick by country, by sex, by trade/requirement, by age, by how close they are to getting their full loan ?  There are so many deserving candidates but I have limited funds to sponsor here.  Any ideas ?

Now that I have remembered that I have to prepare dinner for tomorrow night, I had better get looking through for some inspiration.

Thanks again Miss Cinders for hosting the TIK linky - always good to join in.

Have the best Friday and a fantastic weekend !!!!

TFTD : Don't change so people will like you.  Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.


  1. I know that the online friendships made are usually the best ones to give you a lit when you need it. You'd be amazed how many people 'get it' in the online world compared to who you know in the real world.

    Chin up chickybabe. One day at a time :)

    Wow! I didn't know about the Kiva site! What an AWESOME idea!! I have no way to help you choose who to help. I guess you need to look at yourself and maybe try to find someone you understand their needs and go from there.

    You are such a beautiful person L. You're going through a rough time in your own life, yet you still always think of others.

    Sending you smoochies and huggles xxx

    1. Thanks Miss Cinders - I am trying so hard to take it one day at a time - sometimes going as far as an hour at a time but I am so over this. Every now and again and have a reality check and remember that there are people who are far worse off then me and that does help.
      Have the best week - yay for a short week before Easter!

  2. Hang in there huni - one day in the future those dark days will be outnumbered again by the good ones. Do you have health insurance? Some of them have sickness cover and if you have a statement from a Dr you can get leave of absence that is partially covered by insurance. Worth looking into if you do. Sending you lots of love xx


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