Friday, 8 March 2013

YAY It's Friday ......

which means it is link-up time with Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum for Things I Know.

So, here goes (it will probably be a little extensive this week due to me being on leave from social media this week !)

- I know that today is the best I have felt all week - wonder if the sun has anything to do with it ?

- I know that I had been on the verge of a complete meltdown which happened on Monday night.  Thank goodness A was there to pick up the pieces otherwise they may all still be scattered around the shower.

- I know that I have missed my on-line friends this week as I have not been on twitter / FB / Instagram / blogs but I also know that I don't want to be known as a Negative Nelly so if I don't have something nice / positive / good to say, I am best off being quiet and just being with A at home.

- I know that K passed her police entrance exam and now moves onto the next stage - of which one thing is to go for a medical on Monday morning.

- I know that having K cook two nights a week is a great idea - it means that I can go for a run without feeling like I am letting the family down because dinner won't be ready until late (having said that, when she cooks we don't seem to eat much before 7.30 or 8pm. Why, oh why, do you only go shopping for dinner at 5pm when you have been home all day / afternoon as you didn't have to go in for jury duty ?)  Maybe I shouldn't complain and instead make it 3 nights a week that she cooks !!!

- I know that I haven't run nearly enough kms in training for the 10km event on 24th March, but, that is OK, at the end of the day, the world will not come to an end if I have to walk some of the way or if I don't do it in a 'good enough' time !!! (Because what is a good enough time really ?  It's not like I am ever going to run a 3min km or even a 6min km but that is OK - whatever exercise I do manage to do is more than if I sat at home watching TV.)

- I know that my eyes are good for another 12 months - given that I have aritificial lenses in both eyes I would be surprised if they weren't good for the rest of my life !!  I will need some laser work done in the next couple of years as there is some clouding of the back pocket in both eyes but it is not something I need to worry about just yet.

- I know that my folks are leaving to go on holiday for a month and I am going to miss them dreadfully !!!!  Travel safe old people, and make sure you come back home happy and in one piece !!!!  We will miss you while you are gone - thank goodness for e-mail !

- I know that I am more grateful than I can say for my on-line friends.  You truly are an amazingly supportive bunch of people who do so much to help me.  I really do appreciate each and every contact with you.

- I know that I am looking forward to catching up with Gillian from Tessiegirl and Trudie from My Vintage Childhood tomorrow.

- I know that I am sorry that I missed out on joining in the lovely linkies this week - but things happen and sometimes it is easier to go with the flow than try to fight it.  A keeps reminding me that everything is OK and that, this too, will pass.  (If only I wasn't so impatient !!!!)

- I know that this week has been a bit of a nightmare and that today is Friday which means that it is nearly time for the weekend. 

- I know that I have a big run planned tonight and so I ask the weather gods to please look down favourably on me and let the weather be good enough to run in.

Have a fantastic Friday and the best weekend ever !

TFTD : It's hard to beat a person who never gives up - Babe Ruth


  1. I know I'm grateful for you even tho I'm not always around. Double yay for TGIF.

  2. Lucky you hanging out with Trudie for the day! She's one special lady that one :)

    Congratulations to K on passing the exam!! That's awesome!! I've always had the vision in my head of all the things associated with joining the Police force being really mentally and physically hard... fingers crossed it's not like that!!

    Thanks for linking up sweets!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    MC x

  3. I know I can't wait to catch up this afternoon too! x x

  4. Hello darling, sometimes a week off social media is a bloody good thing. Hope the weekend is better. I am off my meds a few weeks now and am realising that they had a bigger effect than I thought! Having to slow down and calm down a fair bit, stayed at home all day Friday and got a few things sorted which always makes me feel better. Have some really exciting job-type things coming up in next two weeks and so it can feel daft to be harassed by good things... but that's life and need to roll with it. Trying not to comfort eat too much!!

  5. Hope your weekend is going great, and the gods allowed you a run in.... :)

  6. Hope you had a good weekend and the weather gods were nice for you x

  7. Hope you're feeling better Me. xx

  8. I am reading this on a Wednesday but it is making me long for my own wonderful Friday. thanks for helping me over hump day!


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