Monday, 13 February 2012

Date Night

This photo was taken on 29th Dec 2012 by a very dear friend
who was out from London and visited us.

On Saturday night A and I had a date night. K was baby sitting and although we had planned to have a BBQ we decided to go on a date instead. We had a great time. We had dinner at Charlie's Pizzeria in Labrador and then went to se J Edgar before coming home. It was so good to have the time to ourselves doing something special. We decided to make it our Valentine's dinner as A will be away on Tuesday. Celebrating Valentine's Day seemed a little strange as we don't normally worry as we both feel it is just a commercialised day which makes money out of people who get caught up in the whole thing.

This morning I said goodbye to my best friend and I look forward to his return whenever that may be.

Have the best week ever !

TFTD : Thought is useful when it motivates for action and a hindrance when it substitues for action - Bill Raeder


  1. Thanks Jen - it is one of my favourites !

  2. Love the picture and glad you enjoyed the date night :)

  3. you are so sharing .... letting us know that you went to bed after you date .haahahah

    Great pic, I'm glad you had a good night.

  4. *Blushes* - that wasn't how it was meant to come across !!!!! LOL thanks for pointing it out to me - have deleted it now so nobody else has to be subjected to that picture !

  5. Oh I am so glad you had a wonderful date night. I hope the hours fly by until he is home again. You guys make a beautiful couple and I love the way you write about him - your words just ooze with your love for him :) xx

  6. Gorgeous pic of a gorgeous couple! Glad you had a great date night! I can't wait for our date night Saturday! hope he is home before you know it.

  7. Thanks Sonia and Aroha - man I hate not having threaded comments anymore !!!!

    K is more worried about me being in my own in the evenings than anything else - I think she forgets that having 3 hrs to myself can be bliss !!!!

    Tonight I am going to watch Burlesque for the 6th or 7th time - I just love the energy in that movie.

    Thanks again to everyone for your lovely comments !


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