Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday

Linking up with KateSaysStuff with Thankful Thursday - this week / today / right  now I am thankful that my Dad is still with us. 

I am thankful that tomorrow they will do the scan and next week we will find out the results to know whether the cancer has spread.

I am thankful that for now Dad is still with us and I will honour, validate and appreciate every day that he is with us.


  1. I hope your dad's results come back quickly and I hope you receive encouraging news.

    I am also hoping you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

  2. powerful words Linda. I can't imagine what it is like to go through, but I think the silver lining is definitely being given the opportunity to sit up, appreciate him, and enjoy every second left. No one ever knows really how much time is left, it's sad that it takes something like "C" to make us notice. Thanks for the reminder to cherish my loved ones and not take them for granted like so many of us do. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts out into the universe for him tomorrow.

  3. Hope your Dad's results are in, and the C hasn't spread.
    Enjoy every lasting moment you can with him and store all those memories in the storage box of your heart.

  4. Oh love, will be praying for an all clear for your Dad and am glad you get to enjoy him right now.


  5. Sending love filled and healing fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to your dad. xx


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