Friday, 14 February 2014

Deep Breaths

While our contract for the house we are buying only goes unconditional on settlement of the sale of our home, the contract on our current home goes unconditional next Thursday.  As far as we can tell, it looks like it's all a go as there was nothing major in the building and pest inspection and it appears that they have finance sorted - the bank valuer was around yesterday and, as he was only there about 8 mins, I figure he is either going to pull the plug on the deal or it was a no brainer they would get it - I'm going with, it was a no brainer they are going to get it.

Poor A is so busy with work, I think there are times when he doesn't even know what my name is never mind where he lives - in fact, I don't think he gives a rat's butt where he lives - so long as wherever it is he has a comfy bed to come home to, he will be happy.

This may prove to be a little more than a little challenging for us over the next 4 weeks - settlement is 4 weeks from today which means that all his cr*p in the shed, in the garage, around the yard and down the side and back of the house - HAS TO BE MOVED.  This will be no small feat.  And, given he is working tomorrow, that is one Saturday that nothing will be done.  Factor in we received a pile of docs (probably about one trees worth of paper) in the mail yesterday that we have to read, understand, sign and send back to the solicitors asap - which means we probably won't get much done on Sunday which will be spent going through said pile of documents - which in turn means there are 3 weekends left before we move.

Oh yes, on top of this we have one truss in the roof which needs to be fixed and one shower which needs to be re-grouted / sealed / something done to - hopefully there is nothing else in the building report that entails us having to do anything other than pack !!

I am astounded about the truss in the roof - apparently it looks like it was cut by the guy putting the air-conditioning into the lounge room.  Wouldn't you think that if they needed to cut something like a truss to get the aircon installed, they would at least have said "Hey mate, we cut a truss to get this thing installed." so that we could get it fixed ?  Well clearly I think they should have but maybe I am wrong about this !!!

Anyone who has been reading my blog will know that A is a hoarder - in fact, he is a hoarder of note. During the week when I was packing up the sideboard, I put in a pile some old table cloths that we no longer use as well as a three candle holder - a wrought iron one that I think we may have brought from South Africa with us.  It is not a pretty candle holder.  It is not even a candle holder that we have used in forever.  This is the conversation that ensued :

A : What are you doing with this stuff ?
Me : Giving it to Lifeline.  No actually Mom said she would take it to somewhere else as if you drop it at Lifeline, people go through it before it gets collected and just pinch it so I told her I didn't care where it went so long as it went.
A : What about this runner ?
Me : That's on the pile - it's going too.
A : Why don't you use it on the side-board ?
Me : Because it doesn't make anything in the diningroom and we don't need a dust collector.
A : What about the candle holder ?
Me : That's also on the pile - it's going to.
A : Why ?
Me : Because we haven't  used it in forever and we don't need another candle holder that we don't use - IT'S JUST STUFF and we are getting rid of it.

I thought I made myself pretty clear in the above conversation.  Clearly I didn't.  A little while later I see the candle holder and a few other things by his keys on the kitchen bench.  I didn't say anything because I thought he may be taking them to work to see if someone there wants them.  Why they would I don't know but hey, so long as we don't have it anymore I don't care.

Last night I went into the garage - and what do I find ?  The candle holder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know if maybe he is channeling his feminine side and going to put candles up in his shed when he is working there - or maybe the electricity isn't sorted yet and so he needs light - I don't know.  What I DO KNOW is that that bloody candle holder is not coming inside again !!

On that note I had better go and see how many decent packing boxes I can find.  Luckily I work close to a pool supplies wholesaler and they have some really good packing boxes they are happy to save for me - I just need to keep carting them down and trying to fit them into the car.

Have the best weekend !  And, if you live on the Gold Coast and have a free hour and want a laugh - pop in and watch me sorting through cr*p  and trying to decide whether A will remember we had a particular item before taking my life into my own hands and tossing it into the 'give it away' pile !

What are your plans for the weekend ?
Are they as much fun as mine ?

TFTD :   I have discovered the patience of miracles and how, when you wait for them, they will show up, often in disguise but there nonetheless.


  1. Oh dear! Sorry, I am laughing about the candle holder ... Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Good luck with settlement and sorting through all of your and A's stuff. Have a great weekend!

    1. Most of the time (now) I can laugh about things like this but sometimes they just drive me nuts !!!
      Thanks Lovely Lady - take care !

  2. I am sure you will find lot's of other things sneaking their way in. We had the same thing, he insisted on an old fat back TV coming with us, it weighed in at 100kilos. It lived in the garage for months till finally he got rid of it as I wouldn't let it in the house and he needed the room. Good luck with your packing. Rae xxx

    1. It's good to know I'm not alone !!!! That's exactly the stance I have taken - you can keep whatever you want - in your shed - it's not coming into the garage or the house. I know that eventually he will have to clear it out the shed because there won't be enough room in there !!
      Have a great weekend - love your carpet - it looks amazing !

  3. Still chuckling about the candlestick holder…
    I hope we never have to move again…my husband is the worlds worst hoarder…you should see his shed!!
    My daughter is moving next week…my spare room cupboards are full of boxes of her items, she can't take or doesn't need…luckily I had a mega clean out when the kids moved out.
    Good lucking with the packing :D

    1. My folks live in a place even smaller than ours and they can't take whatever we don't want/need - except for our tanks - we have put them in the corner next to their kitchen just until we get to the new place and can put them back up.
      I hope K's move went well - have the best day !

  4. #1Hubby is the same about clothes. He never ever throws/donates anything. So a couple of times a year I go through his wardrobe and pull out the stuff I know he hasn't worn. I then stuff them in a bag at the back of the wardrobe, then wait 6 months. If he hasn't asked where they are by then, it's my green light to donate/ditch. So it takes me a full year just to go through his clothes. A FULL YEAR.

    1. Great idea - thanks for that. When I am packing I will put all the old clothes he hasn't worn in forever one side and then see what happens to that box when we are unpacking !!!! I totally get that we need house clothes - what I don't get is why he needs about 30 T-shirts and 20prs of shorts to wear around the house !!!!!
      Have the best day !

  5. All men are the same I think, had to smile when I read about your hubby lol. Have an awesome time, and man if I lived near I would be over like a shot to help :)

    1. Aaaw - thanks Jax - it would be lovely to have you there. My folks and SIL/BIL have offered to help us pack but I am going through stuff as I am packing so it's probably something that I need to just keep plodding away at - and hope that it's finished sooner rather than later !!!
      Have a great week !


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