Friday, 30 March 2012

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

I'd love to say this a photo of the new me but that would be telling a porky - I am not blond, I don't have long hair, I don't have a flat stomach or butt and I certainly can't lift weights that look that big - 5kg is my maximum right now !!!!  But, this is what I was doing on Wednesday night - 3 x 20 Arnie's with said 5kg weights,  skipping, walking lunges with 10kg weights in each hand (no lifting involved so he pushed the weight up !!!), ab work using the fit ball amongst other things.  I did stretch afterwards, but yesterday I could still feel that I had had a decent workout, one that made me happy I had paid my money and gone to training.  The steps at work were a great reminder - just in case I had forgotten at any point during the day !  It made me feel like I had got my money's worth and that he had really worked me well.

This morning - I'm not so sure.  My obliques, my triceps, my glutes, my lats - are all screaming at me - but in a nice way !!!!!  While I didn't train last night due to other commitments, I am really pleased with my effort this week - despite everything that has been going on.  I love that DOMS feeling two days after training - it reinforces that I am pushing my body just a little bit harder each time and the absence of it lets me know that I was a slacker and should work harder at the next training !!!!

I recently went to Athlete's Foot and, after a lot of discussion with the lady and walking and trying on shoes, I found a pair that felt like they were made just for me.  They are supportive in the right places and they cushion in the right places.  They were $240.  I baulked.  A didn't even blink an eye - he said "We'll take them thank you."  Two days later we were at DFO and a shop there had exactly the same shoes for $100 - I nearly cried.  He didn't - he said "If we hadn't got the advice and tapped the knowledge that the lady had at AF, we never would have known that these were the right shoes to  buy for you." and promptly bought me another pair so that when I run out the first pair, I have a second pair waiting for me !!!!  How much more incentive do I need to get out there ?  Tonight I am hoping to try them out to see how they/I go !!

After 23 days of no soft drinks I was absolutely hanging out for Wednesday when I was going to have an ice-cold cold drink - I hadn't decided if it was going to be Coke Zero or Pepsi Max - such a difficult decision after 23 long days of water only.  The time came and I took a Coke Zero - opened it - I love the shoooosh as a can is opened - I savoured the smell.  Something I had missed for over 3 weeks !!!  And I took my first sip - it was lovely.  Just as good as I imagined !!!  I was in heaven (well nearly anyway).  And then I took another sip and another.  And 4 sips later I said to A - would you like this, I can't drink anymore !!!!!  It was the strangest thing - it just didn't do it for me like it used to.  Yesterday I only drank water at work and had a couple of sips of a Pepsi Max in the evening - can't finish a whole can - can't even finish half a can actually.  This is definitely a positive because I know all the bad things that are in those cold drinks but have always said, that is my one vice and I will deal with the consequences.  Maybe I am going to have to find myself another vice !!!!!!

Have the best weekend ever and take care, whatever you are doing !!!

I want to blog hop with katesaysstuff but don't know how to so if you want to - hop on over to her blog and go from there !!!!
TFTD : When you want what's inside of you more than what's outside of you, you will have it all.


  1. Good shoes are so important...I am trying to find a pair, and having all sorts of trouble!!

    Well done on the soft-drinks..23 days is awesome!

  2. That man is pure gold!
    Will be in contact re weekend after next if you still free on the Sunday morning.
    Hope your muscles have recovered too.

  3. I would love to see those shoes! And how GREAT is that that you have not just one pair, but two??

    I have been exercising and I think about you every time I do so. I also have kicked my soft drink habit...nearly killed me but I did it. I'd been drinking regular or Diet Pepsi for YEARS (at least one a day) but have swapped the drink for juice, green tea, or water. And yup. I feel better.

    Congrats on your new class. You are inspirational!

  4. That is just awesome! And totally valid points about the shoes as well. I bought my last pair from AF and they are just awesome. Good luck with the training and keep up the great work


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