Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We're Off To See The Wizard

Milford Sound

the wonderful wizard of Oz - oopsie - wrong country !!!  We are off to New Zealand for two weeks in August.  The plans for our 25th wedding anniversary have changed somewhat !!  We were planning on going to Canada and having a white Christmas and celebrating our anniversary over there.  Then work issues happened and we couldn't do the train trip through the Rockies plus it is out of baseball season so we couldn't catch any games. 

A came up with a suggestion that we go to NZ in winter and then to Canada/USA in summer next year.  K and I shot that idea down in flames very quickly.  While he was away in Gladstone, K came to me and said "What about ....." and gave me that same scenario - I said to her - Dad suggested that you and didn't like the idea.  She said "Now I have warmed to it more - can you warm to it to ?"  And I could because I think it might be cheaper to go in summer than winter although we will then have to pay for the train trip but figure it isn't every day you get to celebrate being married for 25 years !!!!

So that is what we are doing - full steam ahead planning for two weeks in the south island - we just LOVE it over there (sorry to any people in the north island who might be reading this !!).  I am waiting to talk to the travel agent we have dealt with before tomorrow and then we can book our flights.  We booked our week in Wanaka today - a whole week for $163 for both of us. 

This is our plan so far - fly into Christchurch Thursday night.  Drive down to Wanaka on Friday.  At timeshare probably 5 maybe 6 nights.  Then drive to Invercargill (because we have never been there) - stay there over night and then drive to Dunedin the next day.  Probably spend two nights there and then take two days to drive up to Christchurch on the coastal road.  Spend a couple of nights in Christchurch and/or surrounds and then fly home in time to spend the weekend at home before going back to work.

If anyone reading this thinks that any of the above won't work - please pretty please let me know - we are used to driving big distances so that isn't an issue but I do know from the last time we were there that the distances travelled and the time taken are very different to here.

Lots of planning and googling and booking and phone calls - all very exciting !!!!!!

Here's to a fantastic break in August.

TFTD : When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt ! - Henry J Kaiser


  1. I think it all sounds fabulous! How exciting - and you are SO right, 25 yrs of marriage is wrth celebrating! X

  2. I love NZ and Queenssntown is one of my most fave places on earth. Im so glad you have this trip to look forward to. You guys deserve so lovely time together after all the long periods you have had a part lately. I hope you have the time of your lives hun. xxx

  3. Yes it is beautiful down south. Unfortunately I'm in the North Island. Equally as beautiful I might add.

    Keep me updated on your plans. Anything can happen.


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