Saturday, 10 March 2012

Found my mojo (I think)

Firstly I want to thank all the new bloggers who have popped by and left comments - I can't tell you how much your thoughts mean to me.

I think I have found my mojo (see symbol above !!!).  The past couple of weeks have been difficult ones what with Dad's diagnosis, my issues with trying to lose weight, my lack of motivation to exercise when only days before I had been so motivated - but things are back on track - and I am happy about that.

My Dad's operation was a success - or as successful as they expected it to be.  They removed 14 lymph nodes and two were cancerous.  My folks leave for South Africa tomorrow afternoon - so really only a postponement of a couple of weeks for their trip although we could definitely have done without the reason for the postponement !

I started the low calorie diet that I mentioned in a previous blog and have lost 4kgs in 5 days.  It hasn't been easy but then I never expected it to be easy.  The main thing is that I am motivated to continue.

Other than the training that K and I do twice a week (only once this week) I have done no exercise, but, motivated by my friend at coloursofsunset, this morning I went for a walk and felt so good, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed walking.  The one down side was I remembered that the doctor had said that I need to do more than walking - I had to do cardio work - so am going to have to get working on that BUT the main thing is that I, once again, feel like I want to exercise, something I haven't felt like for a while.

A is working in Gladstone now so I have had a lonely day at home. K went off to work while I went for a walk before coming home and doing the laundry (just put on the 5th load for the day - who would think that there are only two of us in the house ?????), then I watched the very cheesy Strictly Ballroom which I have wanted to watch since first hearing about it on Dancing With The Stars - am glad I have seen it but certainly wouldn't say to anyone that it is a must see !!!!!

Have you got anything exciting planned for the rest of this weekend ?

TFTD : Do not follow in the footsteps of the wise.  Seek what they sought - Basho


  1. yea for MOJO! mine is creeping back after a long winter and that stupid round #2 of flu. there is nothng better than that burst of mojo!
    sorry to read of your father's illness. best wishes and prayers sent your way!

  2. Thanks Tracie - it has been missing for too long so I was glad to get it back !!!
    Hope yours comes back in full force soon.

  3. Happy to hear that mojo is back...and those scales are going down again :-)


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