Friday, 23 May 2014

Things I Know

Once again, I'm late for the linky but I guess late is better than never turning up !!

Joining in with Ann from Help I'm Stuck - then week I know :

- I know that I'm not the scaredy cat I thought I would be staying at the house without A - K is still there but she is down the other side of the house and when she is asleep, she isn't likely to wake up for anything less than an atomic bomb

- I know that I am looking forward to this weekend

- I know that having a massage on a Saturday afternoon is a great way to spend some time

- I know that I am nervous about going to see Mitchell Coombes by myself but I am taking my eReader so I can have my head in my 'book' until he is due to start and won't have to talk to anyone

- I know that I am looking forward to the Suns playing the Bulldogs - how cool would it be if we could notch up another win and go 7 and 2 so far in the year ?

- I know that I am enjoying walking again, even though where we live is full of hills which my knee doesn't really like too much but, if I am careful and step correctly, I'm OK

- I know that I have been much better about taking my tablets this week - until last night - when I put them next to my bed while I looked for my book and then forgot to take them.  I only saw them when I woke up this morning - I left them there for tonight !

- I know that I am feeling pretty happy with my life right now

What do you know this week ?
Are you going to link up ?
Good - I'll catch up on the linky then !!

Have the BEST weekend !

TFTD :  Happy people do not grieve for the things they don't have, but rejoice for those that they do.


  1. walking is good huh. love a nice a walk! do that saturday before your massage and what an awesome day! good luck with the footy!

    1. Yip - I may get a walk in on Saturday - definitely on Sunday before K leaves for work she wants to walk and I'll walk with her. If we plan it into our day it's so much easier to make it happen, isn't it ?
      Have the best weekend !

  2. Awesome to hear you're feeling really happy. Getting out in the fresh air and walking always helps me. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat in the house by myself too! Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. Missing my walk today, a terrible day here, wind and rain…and I must admit I have got stuck in front of the fire with my book!! I did think about doing a dvd BUT I did have to watch the Eagles/Collingwood game BUT I will do my best to walk tomorrow.

  4. Oooh enjoy Mitchell Coombes.
    I hope you enjoyed your massage!!
    Don't forget to take your pills!!
    I took the long way home the other night when I had to buy bread, I loved it and would love to do it more often!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  5. So great to read that you're feeling happy with life at the moment! Glad to read that you had a massage too :)

  6. I Love hearing your positive spin on all of these things. I get scared by myself too so I will totally pay you that one ;) xx


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