Saturday, 9 June 2012

(Random) Things I Know

Today I am linking in with Dorothy from Singular Insanity with Things I Know :

- our house is great in summer but bloody cold in winter
- it is colder inside our house than outside it
- I can get my hair washed, dried, straightened, get dressed and my make-up done quicker than I thought I could
- my child can be the sweetest child out, when it suits her
- the sweet chilli and basil pizza from Crust really is the best pizza going
- I am hoping to be more organised with meals this coming week (I wanted to do that today but didn't get to it because :
- today I spent most of the day in my pj's watching baseball on TV and crocheting a blanket
- I am one lucky lady who is surrounded by a great family
- sometimes I take them for granted

Have a fantastic Saturday and long weekend to all those who have a long weekend !


  1. The house we just moved from was colder inside than out - we ripped up the old carpet to polish up the floor boards but there was no insulation underneath so the cold just crept in. I never really realised just how cold it was though until we moved to a warmer house! I hope you can get rugged up and cosy despite the cold!

    1. It is great in summer but a bugger in winter. We have tiles with a rug in the living areas and carpet in the sleeping areas. I have just pulled out more blankets to use when we are watching TV and A put the electric blankets on the beds over the weekend - not required when my hot flushes happen !!!!
      Thanks for stopping by - have a great week - love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. Hi Me,
    Returning the visit, and decided to join! Why not...I like to support other bloggers! :)

    I say every week I'm going to do a menu, to be more organised (and have a few more exciting dinners than the blah everyday stuff we normally end up with), but I never seem to get to it! Then I get frustrated every Monday morning when I do my grocery shopping as I don't have said menu! I'm sure one day I'll surprise myself and actually do it. Hey, maybe that's today?
    PS I would love to be able to crochet! :)

    1. Thanks Tracey. This weekend we had a big cook up - I had two slow cookers going and stuff on the stove so I have heaps of meals already made and in the freezer - just need to cook some rice at night and heat up the casseroles and curries that we made - so happy we can eat healthy meals while I get to exercise as well.
      Thanks for stopping by - I hope that you are having a great week !
      Love, hugs and positive energy.


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