Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thankful Thursday

I love these linkies because when I am struggling to think of a post, they normally prompt me to come up with something - not necessarily anything mind blowing, but something !

Linking in with Kate from katesaysstuff - this week I am thankful for :

- my Dad starting radiation so that he can fight the cancer

- my great organisational skills which saw us having a big cook up on the weekend so I haven't had to cook during the week - nor did we have to resort to buying take-aways or eating toast for dinner

- my motivation to get out there and run even when it is the last thing that I feel like doing

- a long weekend with cr*ppy weather that saw us have a pyjama day on Monday

- a trainer who pushes me to achieve more than I ever thought I could (Thanks Hudson for the stiff glutes that I have today as a result of walking lunges whilst carrying 10kg weights in each hand and to think that I used to walk around 24/7 carrying an extra 25kgs - scary stuff !)

- my Mom and Dad for making yomazzoti and dropping it off yesterday so I have another two nights that I don't have to cook

- my job, which is so hectic at the moment I don't know which way to turn

I love Thankful Thursday because, even when life gets tough and I feel like tossing it all in, it allows me to dig deep and find things that I can be thankful for and I realise that it isn't all bad - there is good out there as well !

TFTD : Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marc and Angel


  1. Sending you lots of love, strength and thoughts! Here's to your Dad getting better and life looking up fast. xxx

    1. Thanks Carmen - Dad is doing well on the treatment - the last time he went through it, it was later in the treatment that it really hit him so we are keeping an eagle eye on him to make sure he stays as strong as he can.
      Have a great weekend and take care !


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