Friday, 22 June 2012

Team Friday

Today is Friday which means I get to link in with B from bbeingcool about what I have been up to this past week.
Saturday 15.03km run - yes I ran all bar one lamp post - 1h 45m 04s
Monday 6.05km run - 40m 24s
Tuesday 30 mins personal training
Wednesday 30 mins personal training
Thursday forced rest day as I hurt my back at work moving furniture

As you can see from my first activity this week, it was a big week for me - mentally to be able to do that sort of mileage was amazing.  I did battle the last two kms and I blogged about it here but I did it and I was very proud of myself as were my family and my support team (thanks guys !!!!)

I was disappointed when I left work yesterday as my back was twingeing quite badly.  By the time I got home I knew that if I ran last night I may not be able to run next Saturday so I treated the one client booked in and felt awful when I was finished with him.  A soak in Epsom salts and a wheat pack gave me some relief but this morning I am off to the osteo because I cannot stop my training now.  I need to be able to run from tonight.  I have a training schedule for the next 8 days and I can't afford to just let it all go.

Once next Saturday is over I am going to have to sit down and work out where I take my running from here. I need to have a goal to aim for - I really battle to run every week when I am not aiming for something but I don't know how far I want to go - a friend in encouraging me to do a half marathon but I don't know if I can do that mentally given how much I battled with the 15kms last weekend.

But, something will come up and it will all be good.  Have the best weekend and take care !

Have you been up to anything interesting this week ? 
Share it across at bbeingcool with Team Friday !

TFTD : Life is sometimes confusing.  It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.


  1. All the best with your running goal. I'm always impressed by anyone that runs cos I've never been a runner. But maybe one day...

    1. Absolutely one day you will be a runner. I NEVER thought I would be a runner either !!! I used to walk lots - then one day I thought "I wonder if I can run to that lamp post" and that was the beginning. One day I want to blog about how I started because I have been asked before - hopefully it will encourage you to get out there BECAUSE YOU CAN DO IT !!!
      Take care.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out!

    You are going so well! As someone who has run a half marathon, if you can run 18km, you can run a half. Now that you have that amazing base fitness, you can choose whichever distance you like!

    The Bridge to Brisbane is an awesome event, that was my second goal for this year, but, due to my dicky thyroid, I have had to shelve it... Next year baby, next year I am running the half at the Gold Coast and the Bridge to Brisbane - maybe we can get some #teamfriday shirts printed!!!

    Thanks for linking in again - so love that you are one of the regulars here!

    1. Thanks B. I was thinking about entering the Bridge to Brisbane but it is the weekend after we get back from being away for 2 weeks in NZ and I don't think I will be ready for a hilly race !! Maybe we can look at doing them both next year - Team Friday T-shirts sound like a great idea - except not sure I could run in them as I have got too used to running in shirts that wick sweat. I trained in a T-shirt the other night and it was awful !!!! But would definitely wear it before / after the race !
      Thank you for hosting Team Friday - I do love linking in with it - sort of keeps me accountable during the week as well - can't post an "I did nothing for the week for Fitness Friday" !!!
      Have a great week and enjoy the holidays !

  3. Good luck for your next running goal!

    1. Thank you - that would be this Saturday (and I am as nervous as anything already !!!)- then I'll stop blogging about how much I am running and have to find something else to talk about !!
      Have a great week !


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