Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Our Holiday in NZ - August 12

I completely forgot about posting the link here to our absolutely fantastic holiday on the south island of NZ - sorry - I know I said I would.  Then, given how long it took me to get it all loaded up (the photos were a major mission so I hope you enjoy looking at them) I had just about forgotten all about the holiday !

For an honest recap of a great holiday in NZ - pop over to here.

This was our itinerary :
Gold Coast - Christchurch
Christchurch - Fox Glacier (via Arthur's Pass)
Fox Glacier - Wanaka
Wanaka - Queenstown - Te Anaeu
Te Anaeu - Dunedin via Invercargill
Dunedin - Christchurch
Christchurch - Hanmer Springs via Akaroa
Hanmer Springs - Christchurch
Christchurch - Gold Coast

Have the best day ever !

TFTD : Family is not about blood, it's about who will hold your hand when you need it most !


  1. I have a photo of myself by the same lookout point on the so island (off the side of a road, right?) taken 20 years ago! I should dig it up...

    Glad you had a good time. Such a beautiful country. x

    1. Thanks Wanderlust - you are right - such a beautiful country - I love being there.
      Have the best day !

  2. Just finished reading your holiday blog, was great to read about it from a tourist perspective, we take our own countries so much for granted - made me even more excited for our Gold Coast trip next year....

    1. Thanks Jackie - glad you enjoyed it. We definitely do take our own countries so much for granted - so many places here we still want to visit but funnily enough, it is cheaper for us to go to NZ than to get around our own country !!!
      I hope we can catch up for a coffee/cold drink when you are on the Gold Coast next year.
      Have the best weekend !

  3. I'd been looking forward to reading about your NZ holiday. It looked fabulous!! You had lots of snow to play in!! We left NZ in early June so the season hadn't started yet. I would love to go back in the height of winter.

    We visited many of the same places as you, so it was fabulous to look through your photos and read about your adventures.

    I am head over heels in love with NZ :-))

    1. Thanks - I love reading posts when they are about places I have been too as well.
      We just loved NZ - I don't know if I would like to live there as we did have fantastic weather while we were there, but I do LOVE going there on holiday - it is just magical.
      Have a great day !


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