Sunday, 16 September 2012

Random Things I Know

As usual, linking in with Dorothy from Singular Insanity for {Random} Things I Know this week :

- I will run again.  This morning I ran more than 2/3's of the 4.8km that I was out.  Apart from about 15-20 steps at the transition from walking to running in my left knee, it went really well.  My breathing sucks again - but that is OK, I am working on it and I know that I will get it back to where it was before I stopped running.

- I suck at buying birthday presents for the man who has everything.  Does a coffee machine with a free grinder count ?  Or is that a present for the house ?  Even if it is for the house - he's got it now although he may wish to choose a different one.  Plus a box of 4 different beers - not exciting but man, it isn't like when he is buying for me and can get a Pandora charm or perfume and I'll be happy !!  He really does have everything and every bloody year it gets harder and harder.  I'm thinking maybe I should just put a big bow around myself and give myself to him !!

- Work has been stressful but good this week.  I am really happy where I work - for the first time I truly feel valued as an employee and I feel like my opinions and ideas carry some weight.  I have job hopped reasonably regularly for nearly 30 years and this is the first job where I have felt like I matter !!  It is good.

- Eating and drinking well from Monday breakfast to Friday lunch in not condusive to losing weight if I am going to lose the plot in the food and drink department from Friday lunch to Monday breakfast !!!!  I need to do something to stop the self sabotage in the food department - it is undoing all the good work I am doing with my exercise

- I suck at trying to remember the things that I know - I had a whole heap in my head while I was driving around today doing everything that needed to be done and now that I am sitting down at the laptop I can't think of them - I HATE it when that happens !!!!!!

- I am loving the weather that we are having at the moment.  Days are just glorious and nights are still cool enough to be comfortable to go to sleep.  I love the coolness of the sheets on my skin when I climb into bed (a far cry from having to have them heated before I would get into bed - thank you menopause !!!!)

- I am excited about starting the planking challenge tomorrow - I will be in touch with everyone who said that they would be interested in joining me.  And, if anyone else wants to join in as we are going - you are more than welcome.

Have the best week ever - take care and remember to tell those close to you how much you love and appreciate them !

Have you got a great week planned ?  I am motivated to exercise
so that is what I am going to work on this week.

TFTD : Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate and regret.


  1. Wish we had the great weather, after a couple of lovely days the rain has started again and the electric blankets are also on again :(...

  2. I hear you on finding that right job where you actually feel valued. I had one once and I actually enjoyed coming to work!

    Also, can you send some of that nice warm weather here...? So sick of the gloominess and rain.

    Thanks for linking up with Things I know :-)

  3. I feel really lame having to ask this question, but what does TFTD stand for? My fiancee just had a birthday and I don't have any money to buy him anything, but I plan on doing something significant next year when I have some cash to splash with!!


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