Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another Loss !

Well this week has seen me get on the scales daily (as I do !) and the number keeps dropping which is really strange because I have exercised less this week than the past 9 weeks.  A loss of 2.4 kgs - I did weigh myself 3 times to make sure I was seeing the number correctly - and it gave me the same number 3 times.

The tile place had the wrong code on the feature tile and so it will take another week to get the right tiles here.

The insurance company had the wrong car policy but are still arguing that K is only listed as a learner driver - she has had her licence for over 2 years - come on please QBE - this is a valid claim on a policy that is paid up - pay out like you should !!!!!  And then I am going to cancel all my policies with you and go somewhere else !!!!!

K seems to be doing fine - she talked to the counsellor at work and was more her normal self last night.

I knew that it was only a mini meltdown and that, in the greater scheme of things, I would survive - just lost the plot there for a while yesterday.  Of course, if the weather would just fine up for the period 4pm-midnight tomorrow so we can have our street party with good weather, everything would be just dandy !!!!!

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : The more you let go, the faster you move ahead !


  1. Positives - your bathroom tiles will turn up and it will look just as you planned - lovely.
    I had a win against an insurance company yesterday and I would gloat but I believe in karma.
    Glad K is feeling okay.
    May the weather tonight be gorgeous and the street party be a wild success.

  2. Fantastic loss (and just so you know, I always weigh myself 3 times to see if the number changes :))

    I hope your knee gets better soon so you can run. It's awful not having the choice of whether you want to do something or not - the universe has really thrown you a bag or tricks lately, but you are doing a great job handling it all. To go on and lose 2.4 in the middle of it all is amazing.

    Don't stress too much about the house stuff, it always fixes itself up and so do those horrible insurance companies.

    I'm glad K is doing better and I hope the weather holds out for your street party. Can't wait to hear how it goes xx


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