Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pet Peeves

This is a list of things that really get to me :
  • Dodgy trolleys with wonky wheels - can the supermarkets not afford to replace their trolleys once they have grown a mind of their own and go in every direction but the one you want it to go in
  • People who wait for ages in a queue and when their goods are all rung up, only then do they start to rummage around in their monstrous size handbags, looking for their wallet so that they can pay.  Are they standing there in anticipation of the check out chick saying "Thank you for shopping with us today - all your groceries are for free.  Please feel free to push your over laden dodgy trolley with the wonky wheels to your car at any time" ?
  • People who drive 100kph (or 90kph or 80kph) in a 110kph zone - move over people - if you aren't doing at least the speed limit, move over so that those of us who want to do the speed limit (or more) can be on our way.  We have things to do - if you want to window shop at Christmas time - pull over to the left hand lane.
  • All the junk mail that comes to our home.  I know I could put a No Junk Mail sticker on my post box but my family wouldn't be happy - they love looking through the junk mail - I don't.  And even more than disliking looking through junk mail is either having to look at it lying around once they are finished with it, nagging them to throw it away or having to throw it away myself.
  • Going to the shops only to find that the one thing that I really really really need, isn't in stock
  • Waiting behind people at the ATM while they check the balance on every single account that they have - I am sure some of them even check their mortgage accounts - draw your money and move on people !!!!
  • Electric salt and pepper dispensers that work for the first couple of times and then stop working (We now have three sets at home - I keep threatening to take them back to wherever we bought them from and, if I was more organised and had the slips I might be able to, but until I find the slips, they sit in the pantry and we continue to try to shake salt out of them.)
  • Not checking what I have in the pantry and buying another bottle of grain mustard and garlic, only to be unpacking the groceries and find new bottles of both already in the pantry !!!!!!!  (I still have the slip for them so these ones I will take back to Coles).
  • People who tell lies for whatever reason (unless you are trying to organise a surprise party in which case lies are OK).
  • Along the lines of the above point, people who fake friendliness.  If you don't want to be my friend, that is fine, I accept that we can't all like everyone.  Geez, there are people I don't like but at least I don't go around pretending that I do like them - if I don't like someone, they generally know it - not because I am mean and nasty, but because I will choose not to socialise with them ! 
  • Companies who make promises and then fail to deliver on those promises.  And then, not only do they fail to deliver on their promises but they won't go out of their way to fix the problem - this probably could go under the banner of lack of customer service.  If you don't want to provide a good service to the customer, don't go into the service industry.
  • Retail employees and waitrons - again, if you don't want to make the customer feel like they are the most important aspect of your job, find a back office job where you don't have to deal with customers.  My time and $ are valuable to me and if you can't treat me as though they are valuable to you, choose another job.
  • Muffin tops - on people.
  • Normal bra straps under a top that has cross over straps at the back.
  • People who clearly don't own a mirror otherwise why would they subject us to having to look at them dressed the way they are ?  I understand that we can't all walk around dressed in the best money can buy, but we can still choose clothes which are appropriate for our age and figure type.
Do you have any pet peeves you could add to the list ?

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends - Nancie J Carmody


  1. What a great list! I don't like it when you go out for dinner and the waiters keep asking you questions like, 'how's your day been so far'. I agree with you re the muffin tops and the bra straps. What are people thinking???

  2. LMAO - I love your list. i could add so many to that! How about people who site at a green light and then only realise it is green when it turns orange and then no one else gets through! :) xx

  3. Sonia that is definitely something that I could add to the list - soooooooooooooooooo annoying. It's like sometimes people have no thoughts for anyone else.

  4. I've got a seasonal peeve for you! Every year, at precisely the time when I fill my face with Christmas mince pies and sparkling cheer, I lament that I am not the weight I would prefer to be. As I'm living in the UK and Xmas is also winter, this moment of woe also coincides with a complete inability to get fit (it's cold out there). But the worst thing of all is that Christmas also brings together the greatest potential for photographs outside of getting married, with the exact time you feel you are about to explode with Christmas food.

  5. So love your list - the salt and pepper mills had me laughing out loud - I think im on to set 4 and like you if only I was more organised with the receipts I would be taking them back!

  6. Hi Vegiemitevix - I am with you on the photos at Christmas time - probably the worst thing along with all the commercialism of Christmas !!!!

    Sammy, maybe we can start a repair shop for salt and pepper shakers - sounds like we would be kept very busy !!!!

    Have a great one !


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