Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mini Meltdown

This is how I feel - holding on by the skin
on my teeth !

I know that in the greater scheme of things, my problems are not huge and they are not insurmountable but for me they feel like they are just getting a little too much - and I could probably deal with them fantastically if the universe saw fit to throw them at me one at a time instead of all at once.

Yesterday I saw the naturopath and she is REALLY happy with how things are tracking which is great except that I had to take 90mins out of my working day to go to her.  Then at 3pm I got a call from K to say that there had been a medical emergency at work that she was involved in and they had told her to go home so could I fetch her.  She saved someone's life which is think is just bloody amazing.

The insurance company have stuffed up the policies and now we are trying to work out what they have done with nominated drivers on the cars.  Then they lost the quote for the repair for the accident K had last week so have had to start from scratch so what should have been 7-10 days of no car is now looking closer to being over 2 weeks.  K has been really good about fitting in and cycling to work etc to get around but it is wearing me down.  Then there are issues with the bathroom - the drop in basins turned out to be under counter basins so the vanity we had designed wouldn't work so we have had to go back to the cabinet maker to try to work out how that can be changed plus the cost is going up because they need to polish the granite for the under counter basins which they wouldn't have had to do for the drop in basins.

Then A got the tiles last night and the feature tiles aren't the right ones so I have to go back after work to find out what they can do about getting the right ones - can they even get the right ones or do we have to go back to the bloody drawing board for the feature tiles ? 

Last night I tried to run on my knee - didn't even get 200m and it was sore, so, as I promised myself I would, I stopped and hobbled home and then went to training where we concentrated on upper body work.  It appears that I am going to have to be patient while my knee repairs and see how I go with cycling rather than running.  Man I miss my running (those are 4 words I never thought I would hear myself say !!!)

We are supposed to be having a street party on Friday night and if the weather doesn't break soon I don't know what we are going to do - I really don't want to have to open my home in the middle of the renos to a whole bunch of people - not sure we could even fit them in on the verandah as there are tiles and mirrors and taken apart vanities taking up that space !!

It will get better - I know - I just need to be patient and put on a happy smile !

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel - May Angelou


  1. Mini meltdowns never hurt anyone! It releases stress. Take care of that knee and be patient - dont hurt yourself so badly that it will be months rather than weeks before you can run again. I miss running every. single. day - but I should be grateful that I can walk.
    Positive energy back at you.

  2. I think a lot of people feel frazzled in December. There's just so much to do and we have to do it in 3 weeks as everything has to be done by the 24th so that just applies more pressure to an already pressured situation. I hope things settle down for you.

  3. Don't worry, meltdowns are normal at this time of year! It must be so stressful living in renovations, I would go out of my mind.

    How amazing that K saved someone's life. You must be so proud. I hope she is ok and not too freaked out by it all!

    Lots of positive energy to you too!


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