Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another Loss and It's A Go !

Due to the early start of the bathroom renovation (see below for that story), my scale has had to be moved.  I am not happy about this because I know that moving a scale around can do funny things to how it works !!!!  But, I finally found another place where it was level (who would have thought there were so many places on a tiled floor that weren't level) and this is where it has lived since Tuesday night.  I am nearly hyperventilating wondering where I am going to put the scale once the 'rip out' begins in earnest.  I am a scale whore who HAS to weigh every single morning when I wake up.  I cannot get through the day without this (well I suppose I could if I had to but I would not be a happy veggiemite !).  Anyway, the point of this paragraph is that I am down another 0.5 this week which I am happy about especially with having to pull back on my exercising because of my dodgy knee.  (The same one that I have to go and get x-rayed x-rayd x-rayed (really not sure if there should be an 'e' or not - take your pick or let me know !!!) that I haven't been to yet because I am too busy !!)  I will continue to do what I can to keep up my exercise and not aggravate the dodgy one.

Al (despite our discussions about when we would start ripping our bathroom out) started chipping out bathroom tiles on Tuesday night.  I was not happy when we got home from training. Walking up the driveway I could hear the bang, bang, bang as he was chipping away and I said to K "If that is Dad chipping up the tiles I am going to be furious - why do we bother to have discussions if he is going to go ahead and do what he wants anyway."  Well she went down the passage saying "Dad, just giving you a heads up, Mom wants to know why you discuss things and then do your own thing," and then escaped into her room !  Anyway, I go into the bedroom - dust everywhere - into the bathroom - tile chips on the tiles and dust everywhere.  "You didn't think to move ANYTHING ?  What about closing the door to keep the dust in one room ?" "I was just trying to help."  OK - so the bathroom is now a go because even if I didn't want to go ahead with it, 1/3 of the floor tiles have been chipped away and so we are past the point of saying "No, we will rather go to Canada for our 25th wedding anniversary."  Now it may be that we sit in the bathroom (maybe we could do more than sit ??) and wish each other Happy Anniversary next year if it all blows out like renovations can sometimes do !

So our weekend is cut out for us - client on Saturday morning and then a fun time in the bathroom ripping out walls, finding somewhere to put all the stuff in the double vanity, chipping up floor tiles and getting the floor down to the bedding.  This has been a huge learning curve for me - who knew how many types of toilets, mixers, basins, pop up wastes and floor wastes there were and how bloody difficult it is to make decisions on which to choose !

Have a terrific Thursday.  Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD : For true success ask yourself these four questions :  Why ?  Why not ?  Why not me ?   Why not now ?  - James Allen


  1. well you live in Queensland - how bad could it be?

  2. well you live in Queensland - how bad could it be?

  3. mmmm wish my hubby would just get in and rip my kitchen discussions needed!!

  4. Hi! Gosh thank you for popping by and following and for your comment! I my grandma taught me to crochet but knitting no. You are so right about once you learn it, I can still pick up a crotchet needle and get into my groove quickly.
    Good luck on the bathroom. Renovations are painful and I HATE HATE HATE the dust!
    I'm a scale junkie too, totally get you! Also I am fighting my way back from a knee injury (not as bad as yours though) and carefully running again. Anyways, thanks again for comming by! Look forward to getting to know you.
    XOX Tracie


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