Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Great Weekend (even if we have eaten into our contingency !)

Friday night saw the shower walls and tiles get ripped out and the vanity (after lots of discussions and debates and a little bit of  lot of swearing on my part) in pieces and outside.  My client arrived on Saturday morning to see the shower doors alongside the gate to our yard and the toilet on the grass (not the best look but she is also a friend and understood we were in the middle at the start of our renovations).  The plumber and A were very good about not making a noise while I was busy with her for which I was EXTREMELY appreciative.

I spent most of the day moving stuff that we had taken out of our vanity and filling 6 x 32L plastic boxes that I had bought on Friday afternoon and wrestled into the car while it was raining - along with our Christmas crackers (wonder if they will 'crack' or if they got too wet ?).  Who would have thought we could fit so much stuff into a vanity ?  Who would have thought that we could have filled 2 x 1620 vanities and 1 x 1300 vanity when there are only 3 of us in the house ?????  Where am I going to put my 'stuff' for the next two weeks so that I can go to work at least looking half way respectable in the make-up department ?  I found out today that I can fit a teeny weeny bit of what I need into a teeny weeny drawer in the bathroom vanity - might have to make do with 'half a face' for the next two weeks !  People may not even notice the difference !!!!

The plumber finished the rough-in yesterday and then kindly helped A with the pipe that he had sort of managed to fix a few weeks back.  I went to get K from baby sitting and take her to meet the family she is baby sitting next Saturday - only to get about 10 mins away from them and have a flat tyre.  I call A.  She gets into the back of the car, pulls out the jack and begins jacking the car up.  I ask her if she knows what she is doing and shouldn't we wait for Dad and she replies "What do you think ?  I don't listen when Dad is talking ?" (Yes ?") "When I got the flat tyre at work a few months ago Dad came and showed me how to change the tyre - you didn't need to call him to do it, we can do it."  And we did - I was just tightening the nuts when A got there so he tightened them a bit more and we were on our way.  I was pleasantly surprised - I never imagined that she (or I) would be able to do that - not because we are useless but because I have never had to !!!  At least I know in future I can do it (unless I am in a suit and high heels - oh no, that wouldn't be me then because I don't wear suits or high heels !!!)

Today saw A finish jack hammering the floor and I spent about 4-5 hrs weeding - our next project once what we can do in the bathroom is finished (which I think it is) is going to be to get our garden sorted out - again !!!  I really wish we could get it looking nice and then maintain it like that - seems like we do it and then other things happen and it gets out of hand again.  I managed to weed about 1/4 of it - will tackle it again next week.  A lot of what nees to be done is really physical work so it is hard for A to do it when he has been up and down masts all week - will see what happens.

I can't believe we are only 2 days into the renovation and already our contingency has been eaten into - change of mind on the toilet and plumber had to take an additional 3m x 1200 high of blueboard out to get to the pipes.  Take a deep breath - it is going to be OK !!!!!

This morning all three of us were trying to clean teeth, do hair and make-up (no no no - only two of us doing hair and make-up, three of us doing teeth before you start thinking A is a little strange) - luckily we have a vanity in the family bathroom and another vanity outside the toilet.  K asked "How long do I have to share with you ?" and when I replied two weeks she went "REALLY ? TWO WEEKS ?" - I am guessing she isn't that keen - well probably as keen as I am given that when I want to go to the loo and am in bed, I now have to walk down the whole passage - past our bathroom, the laundry and her bedroom to get there - by the time I get back to bed I have woken myself up !!!  A real pain - roll on the finished renovation !!!

Have a great week !

Love, hugs and positive energy !

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