Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like .....

a bathroom !!!!!

Last night the plumber came so the toilet, basins and dropper are in.  Now to just wait for the arrival of the shower head.

The shower screen and mirror are booked in for lunch time today.

When I get home tonight, I might even be able to have a shower in my new bathroom - just in time for Christmas (well except for the missing shower head, towel rails, toilet roll holder and soap holders - still working on these) - but at least we can use it !!!

Last night before training I walked 700m and then jogged 400m - my knee did not hold up too well - bugger.  I am going to have to seriously think about setting myself a date for getting back to running otherwise I think I am going to just keep messing it up by trying when it isn't ready.

Off to Inala now - have a great Wednesday.

Love, hugs and positive energy.

TFTD : Character is the ability to win an argument without saying a word - Chard


  1. Thank goodness you're finally starting to get some joy with the bathroom and the end is in sight.

    I had a good laugh reading your pet peeves. You don't suffer from road rage do you, lol.

    Because most of the time we go away we have our boat on tow and Mr T is very conscious of letting too many people get behind us and he always pulls over. My biggest peeve is all those campervans filled with tourists who don't know where they're going and travel in convoy and hold all the traffic up.

    Hope your Wednesday is awesome.

  2. LOL Lee-Anne - I suppose you could call it road rage although I don't flip anyone the bird and only very occasionally do I hoot at anyone but I do shout a lot, inside my car, at people outside my car - they can't hear me but, like shouting at the TV at times, it makes me feel better !!!!

    Take care !

  3. ahhhh I had a good chuckle at the pet peeves too, some are mine too.
    Love to know you shout at other cars too...I do too, espesially the ones that go 10k's an hour slower than the speed limit!!

    Hope the bathroom is finished soon.

  4. We were hoping we were going to get the towel rails etc today but when A went there, they not longer stock the single towel rail (for the hand towel), I don't want a ring because the towel never dries properly, so back to the drawing board to find double and single towel rails and toilet roll holder that we like - would rather take the time to find something else we like that get something that will just 'do the job' after spending all this money, I really want to be happy with the outcome !

    Take care !

  5. Are there pictures of the finished bathroom yet? I may have seen them somewhere, my dodgy memory is telling me that I have or I could have dreamt it.
    Speaking from experience, get that knee sorted before you do permanent damage and can never run again. Sigh. That is not a fun place to be in.

  6. We're on the verge of gutting our bathroom and adding a whirlpool where we currently have a large shower. I am dreading the project but cannot WAIT until it's done. We were spoiled at our old house with a brand new master bathroom when we added on to our house. When we moved, inside of a big beautiful house were two bathrooms that are sorely in need of work. YUCK! I'll keep you posted.


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