Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I wish I was as enthusiastic about being in Stanthorpe this morning as I was about getting here on Friday !!!! 

While the weather hasn't been great - and we haven't done any walking - we have watched some episodes of Mrs Browns' Boys - we have done some reading and we have done lots of watching of the flood situation, we are now stuck here because of road closures.

Yesterday we packed up and went to check out and the owner had a bit of a chuckle and said words to the effect of "Not so fast - you aren't going anywhere at the moment."  A wasn't sure about that so we drove into town to see if we could find out any more info (not easy on a public holiday in a small town), went to McDonalds to get wifi (for some reason that wasn't that easy either), and then tried to get onto websites to see what we could find out.  Those poor websites just couldn't seem to cope.

Today we have to make a decision - do we
(a) leave and take our chances that the road through Warwick will be opened at some point during the day because it isn't open now and we have been told to check back at lunch time (and if we check out and the road isn't opened, will we be able to get accommodation tonight in Warwick or
(b) stay another day and leave for definite (or as definite as we can be) tomorrow

What to do ?

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Have a great day !


  1. I think I would probably stay, as much as you would love to be at home. It's always a bit tricky around there with the flooding situation, very unpredictable.
    Stay safe, lovely xx

  2. I'd probably stay put, too, especially not knowing what you might encounter once you get to Warwick. Unless you can call a couple of hotels in the area to see if they have availability. how frustrating :( Stay safe whatever you do. More rain headed here today looks like. xo

  3. Stay !! Read a book. Better late on this side than early on the next.

  4. My gut instinct would be to stay - horrible situation in QLD
    Hope you get the opportunity to make your way safely soon xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  5. Yep stay put, you know you are all safe there and know where you will be sleeping for sure.

  6. I hope you stayed, its not worth the risk.. We need you to be SAFE! x

  7. Stay and put your feet up. Relax.

  8. I hope you stayed. Best to be safe I think - I know you want to get home but we want you safe xx

  9. Better to be safe than sorry - and just enjoy another day away from you every day routine - wishing you a safe trip when you do venture home x

  10. Hope you stayed, good luck and have a safe journey home when you can get through

  11. I hope you made the decision to stay and that the way home tomorrow is a bit safer to travel - good luck getting home!

  12. I wonder what you decided?

    I would have stayed. I know it must have been hard to be away from family, but... it is better to be safe than sorry {as my dear mum would say}.

    I do hope you got to enjoy some of the lovely region I am from! It is pretty! When it is not raining, or flooding or in drought! It has been a rough few years around here....


  13. Thanks so much everyone. We landed up staying another night. Heard today at about 2pm that the Warwick/Toowoomba road was open again but that we can't go through Cunninghams Gap but have to go to the Gold Coast via Toowoomba. So, plan on leaving once we wake up tomorrow and hopefully be home sometime in the afternoon given the amount of traffic they are expecting to be on the road.
    Once I got my head around staying, I stopped worrying as much and got rid of the anxiety and enjoyed the day !
    Thanks again to all of you for your comments and for stopping by !

  14. Better to bide your time in comfort that hang around on a freeway somewhere... good luck today!

  15. oh I hope you get home tomorrow, good luck for the drive!

  16. This flooding has been a major PITA. Hope you got home safely!


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