Friday, 16 September 2011

And I Begin Again !

I don't know how many times I have started this journey - too many to recall.  This is the first post in a blog which I hope will see me achieve a healthy weight range for my body and become fitter and more energetic as I approach my 50th birthday in a couple of years time.  (Wow that is a scary sentence to read - it seems like only a few years ago I was celebrating my 21st !!!)

I did so well with my weight loss last year managing to get down into the 60's again - sadly the weight wasn't to stay off and the 5 kgs that I always said if I put on would be the trigger to lose them and not put on more, weren't the trigger they were meant to be and so the 24.5 kgs that I lost turned into only 8kgs lost and while I have recently lost another 6kgs, those 6kgs (well I am assuming that is how much it is because I am in denial and can't face the scales) seem to have found their way back onto my butt, legs and stomach - NOT WHAT I WANTED THEM TO DO  !!!!  But, that is how it goes sometimes, isn't it ?

I would like to say that from today I am going to watch everything that I put into my mouth but that would be a big porky because tonight we are off to the Gold Class lounge to see Johnny English, tomorrow we are having people over for A's birthday which is on Sunday, and on Sunday we are going out for breakfast and then for dinner - so I reckon that if I haven't put the whole 6kgs on yet, come the end of the weekend, I probably will have.  That is OK - because I am going to tackle this no matter how much it is.  I don't want to look like a big porky pig when I look at the photos of our holiday and then think "Sh*t, I should have made the effort."

I know that with blogging I feel that I have a forum where I am accountable and it does sometimes stop me putting that chocolate, or biscuit, or packet of chips in my gob and hopefully I will reap the rewards when I look at the photos of our holiday and be proud of what I have achieved.


  1. It doesn't matter how many times you start this journey, only that you continue to start. What a great goal to strive for. 25 years married is an AWESOME achievement. Well done you. xx I have to say a similar figure has me on the straight and narrow at the moment. Mr M and I will be married 15 years in November, 25 years together overall. We haven't been in a position to celebrate birthdays for a while and hope our situation will have sorted itself out by November so I want to look as good as I can in photos for that time. lol - the things we do :)

    I will be here for you, as you are always there for me. Together we will traipse all over this blog and lose kgs as we find ourselves. xx

  2. Thanks Margaret. Like you, we haven't been in a position to celebrate much for quite a while but I have decided to go ahead and start looking at where we want to go (Canada is in the lead at the moment) and do my very best to make it happen. Maybe the money I save from buying junk food will help get one of us over there !!!!

    Thank you for being here for me - I have so enjoyed the time that we have been friends and look forward to shedding the excess kgs together !!

    Have a great weekend !

  3. Welcome back Linda. It is so nice when someone returns although I do keep up with you on Facebook and emails. I'm still struggling but I never give up just lapse occasionally. LOL. We can so do this - climb aboard.

  4. I really agree with the first commenter here - it doesn't matter how many times you start this journey, only that you continue to start! I suspect I will be up and down with a similar journey for the rest of my life but I'm up for the challenge and it's good to know that none of us are alone in this. Thanks again for linking up with I Must Confess this week!

  5. I really agree with you about what blogging can do... Sometimes, I really want to start a project but I always find a good reason to not do it. Since I started the blog, I post about my projects and it gives me a huge motivation to complete them. For example, NaNoWriMo. I posted about my word count regularly and I think it helped me to get to the end of the challenge and win it.


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