Friday, 30 September 2011


Thank goodness it is Friday is all I can say.  This weekend seems to have taken a month of Sundays to arrive !!!!!!

I have had a great day foodwise (although it is only midday !).  Work has been impossible.  First it took me about two hours to get the computers up and running and on line - the computer lady doesn't work on a Friday and, almost without fail, there are issues with the computers on a Friday.  Anyway, I felt really sorry because I woke her up when I called to find out what else I could do as what I had done hadn't worked.  Eventually we managed to sort it out so that was good.

Then it was my turn to work with the director as he put the blinds up around the office.  We have recently moved into brand new offices that had nothing in them so we have had the sun beating straight in the windows and onto us - man has it been hot some days.  Anyway, he doesn't measure anything and estimates where the brackets should go and then cracks a hissy when the blind won't fit between the brackets !!!!  Those took a while but eventually we managed to get all 4 up - what a difference it has made to the temperature of the office.  At least we got them in before summer arrived !!

Off to pick up my new bras today - in the right size - and the right fit !!!!! I am very excited about having undies that fit properly and do what they are supposed to do - if only I could win the Lotto and have a reduction done, I would be the happiest woman around.

This weekend A is working on Saturday so I think that, after my waxing appointment, I am going to get stuck into painting the bedroom - prodvided we can agree on what colour to paint it.  Well it is 1/4 done - the feature wall is done - the rest of the walls and the doors need to be done.  That is my task for this weekend - to be rewarded in some way other than food should I accomplish it !

Whatever you and doing and wherever you are, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  I will be sure to let you know how the painting went (or didn't go !!!!).

These are the photos of what we did with the car that K bought from us and the key ring that she had said that she liked.

TFTD : There is nothing noble about being superior to some other person.  The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self - Hindustani proverb


  1. I love what you did to that car and :-) I have a similar K. I wear it on a zipper on a pink vest. Love it. I'm sure K loves her one.
    Great photos :-). Love your blog.

  2. Thanks again Kathy. K was pleased with the car when she saw it as well !!!!!


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