Friday, 23 September 2011

Food Poisoning vs Unknown Virus

Tuesday night saw the three of us go to Charlie’s Pizzeria in Frank St using one of the / Living Social / whatever vouchers – they have great food there and I had a Fettuccine Princess (fettuccine pasta with chicken an avo) – it was delicious although I did send a fair bit of it back as it was just too much for me.  Then, because we were feeling a little extravagant we had dessert – A and I shared (well, not exactly shared) a chocolate pizza (which was absolutely scrumptious and I ate ¾ of it) and a tiramisu which I didn’t like so A sort of volunteered to have all of that bar the one mouthful that I had which made me realize that I didn’t really like their tiramisu recipe !!!!  Got home and watched some TV (man I love not packing shelves anymore and being able to go out for dinner during the week and not have to dash to get home and get off to work).

Went to bed and then spent the night up and down to the toilet and clutching my stomach because of cramps and generally feeling green around the gills.  Worst part was I had to do my first aid refresher course the next day so went there feeling decidedly queasy with my bottle of water.  Managed to make it through the day but then started with a headache.  Got home and crawled into bed and stayed there until yesterday morning when I woke up with my kidneys aching.  That was when I thought that maybe what I had wasn’t food poisoning but rather a virus I had picked up somewhere.

Made it through the day yesterday and again made it home only to crawl into bed and sleep for a couple of hours.  I am still not feeling quite myself but am hoping that by the time the weekend gets here tomorrow I will be back to my normal self.  A is not working tomorrow (well not working where he will get paid) but man does he have a lot to do at home !!!!!!  I am sure that he will be working on Sunday so will have the day to myself again.

Needless to say my food and exercise have slipped for another week – not sure what the scales are doing because I had nothing to eat on Wednesday and only dry biscuits and real coke since then.  The smell of food is enough to turn my stomach still.  Al sat next to me last night eating his dinner and man it was hard not to get up and go back to the bedroom.

Here’s to a better week next week – one where I am focused on eating healthily and getting my exercise back to where it was a few weeks ago before it all turned to mush !

TFTD : Relationships were not created to foster pain.  The only purpose of relationships is to deepen in love. - Alan Cohen

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