Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Productive Day

YAY for having a productive day at home today.  Poor A - the first weekend that he isn't working and he has to work at home (well, it isn't as though he didn't know that he was going to be working at home !!!!) - we managed to get the awning finished which is GREAT !  This means that we can leave the bedroom windows open 24/7 365 days a year - I suppose sometimes in winter we might close them but at least in summer when we have all our rain, we can still have the windows open.  This is something we have wanted to do since we moved into the house 11 years ago - we just never had the money to do it before and it didn't cost us much because a guy who works with me made up the frame and helped A to fix it to the house and we just had to buy the awning stuff - so it was a really cheap way to get it done.  Why they build houses without eaves I have no idea (OK, I do have some idea - it is all to do with saving money but from a practical point of view it makes no sense at all - well I don't think anyway !!!)

Then had a look at the horrible home window tint job that was done on the same windows and decided that the tinting that was peeling off needed to be taken off completely - only to find that it split and half came off and half split and stayed on the window so called a glass place and got a quote for $70 to get the three pieces cut.  The guy said he would be home in an hour so we went around and picked it up.  Came home and fitted the two small windows.  Went to take the fixed pane out only to find that he had cut the fixed pane about 6-8mm too narrow.  Discussions between A and myself and he can't remember if he told the guy the measurement and then he adjusted it or A adjusted it and told him the adjusted measurement ANYWAY another call to him and another trip back and another $20 and we had a piece of glass that was the right size and got it in without any more trouble.

That started me on a window frame cleaning spree so I went around and gave all the window and door frames a really good clean while A went out and cut the grass.  K came home from work and was going to a party down in Burleigh and we offered to take her so have just got back from droppping her off there.

Tomorrow morning is cleaning morning.  A got a shop-a-docket for one free breakfast from Mustang Sally at Harbourtown so, if we can get the cleaning done quick smart in the morning, we will go there for breakfast.

My weight was down this morning although I suspect I still have some of the virus in me as not long after I have eaten I have this dreadful gurgling in my stomach and it all comes out again.  On the up side I feel so much better than I did last week - still a little tender in my stomach area but my kidneys were fine today.

Last night K and I ordered our new Pandora bracelets - can't wait for it to arrive so I can start to fill it up again although I think that this one is going to take a lot longer to fill than the last one did.  I am more particular about the charms that I want for this one so I will have to learn the art of being patient.

Happy Sunday for tomorrow everyone - I hope you all have a fantastic day !!!!!

I heard a great motto on the radio this afternoon when we were out collecting the glass and that is my TFTD today.

TFTD : Dream.  Believe.  Commit.  Achieve

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  1. Wonderful to see you posting :-).

    I have also had a productive time with my blogs. Even created a new one with an EBay account to match it, it is for landscape paining. Now somehow I have to do some of that near you one was just wonderful having you visit us at the riverbank.

    Take care :-)
    Love Kathy xxx


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