Friday, 30 September 2011

A Win !!!!

Stress about public liability insurance which has been paid, expires today but I don't have a certificate of currency which means I will get dropped off the health fund lists.  Dilemma - coke zero or chocolate - coke zero or chocolate - coke zero or chocolate - YAY COKE ZERO won !!!!!!


  1. lol, see I am not focused on weight. I'm health focused I would go cocoa and skim milk...not too much fat, low sugar content...add a little honey if you must, and high on nutrient.

    I used to drink diet coke at your age. Won't touch it now...but I do eat too many, I guess what you loose on the merry-go-round you gain on the Ferris Wheel or vis-versa :-). Choose which seems right for you at every turn. xxx and ENJOY it :-)

  2. I just saw your weight in the side bar. Are you 85 kg? Well tell you looks FANTASTIC on you. You seriously don't need to be a 60's girl unless that makes you incredibly happy. I have 'blown it' his year but I'm trying to focus on health and not the weight. I know at your age, a lot younger, the weight was very important to me but seriously you look beautiful and healthy as you are. Just the same, I wish you well with your plans :-). xxx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Kathy. Yes, I really am 85kgs (although it is coming off nicely this week !!!) - I have just learned to dress to cover it up so that it isn't that noticeable to others !!!!!

    I do feel unhealthy at the weight that I am - and more to the point, uncomfortable - that is what I am working towards more than a number on the scale (although I do like to see that number going down !!!!) I am trying to make healthier food choices to get there.

  4. Great for the healthy choices Me :-). That's a great way to do it as it is maintainable.


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