Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Frustration !

Where do I begin ?  My head is not in the right place and, while I thought that I was getting there (or maybe I just thought I could fool myself that I was getting there), I really am not getting there at all.  I have all this time on my hands and all I want to do is read and crochet blankets for the homeless !!!!  This is not conducive to losing weight or getting fit.

To top it off, we purchased a bunch of vouchers for specials on meals and they are about to expire over the next couple of weeks and so if we don't use them we will lose them which would be a real waste of money so tonight we are going to Charlie's in Frank St - the best Italian restaurant we have been to in ages.  We bought a voucher for there and had such a good time then next time they had a special we bought another voucher !!!  We have dinner booked down at The Boatshed at Currumbin in a couple of weeks time and I have another two vouchers that I haven't even booked yet - how on earth do I get my head in the right place when I know I have all these dinners coming up ???? 

Still no news on the work trip for A to Armidale.  Apparently the company they are subbing to seems to have lost a $6m carbon fibre tower - go figure how that happens.  Anyway, a whole bunch of Americans came out to supervise the installation of the tower only to get here and find out that the tower didn't make it all the way across the sea but nobody actually knows where it is.  Good work boys !  I don't know if him going to Armidale will make it easier or harder for me to eat properly - will I eat more junk because I miss him or will I eat more healthily because I won't have to cook each night ?  I am thinking more than likely the former !!!!  BUGGER - would have been so much nicer if I could have even thought for a while that it would be the latter.  Oh well - no point in blogging if I am going to tell porkies.

On that note I am off to swop one of the pj tops that I bought on Sunday for a smaller size - not because I have lost any weight but because the other one which I have worn for two nights, has stretched so I am sure if I get the smaller size it will also stretch and be OK.

Have a great evening !

TFTD : Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out into the ocean - Christopher Reeve

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  1. I understand what you are going through. I sometimes despair about this same question.
    Okay try this - pasta - tomato sauces no cream sauces, no extra cheese, gelato for dessert.
    Fish restaurant - oyster or prawn entree - no cream sauces again and grilled fish and salad.
    Minimise the damage with feeling you are missing out. Good luck!


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