Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Great Weekend

Sometimes I feel I just have to do what I have to do even when I know that it isn't helpful to my weight loss and healthy life style - this weekend was one of those times !!!

On Friday night we went to see Johnny English at the Gold Class Lounge.  We had a great evening.  Complimentary popcorn and soft drink are included in the ticket - it was easy not to eat much of the popcorn as it tasted like it had been made in the morning !!!  I ordered chicken wrap and chips - they were really good and I thoroughly enjoyed eating every one of the chips as I ate them.  Then, we had had such a great time we finished it off with an ice-cream from Baskin & Robbins !!!! 

Saturday morning saw A go off to work and K and I hit the shops to shop of undies Gok Wan style.  For those who haven't heard of Gok Wan, he does a show called How To Look Good Naked - and is just the best to watch (probably the only reality show that I think is worth watching).  We went to a specialist bra shop and got fitted - neither of us were wearing the right size bra.  Now that I have the correct fitting bra - man, how much more comfortable it is !!!!!

We had my folks over for dinner on Saturday night and watched the rugby - abysmal performance by Australia in the rugby. 

This morning we went to breakfast at Mustang Sally at Harbourtown.  K and I had banana pancakes and A had a big brekky - all really enjoyed it.  Then A went off to work and K went off to work and I went off shopping !!!!   Found a really lovely bag at Fossil but at $199 had to leave it in the store !!!  Then off to Target and got 4 tops - all marked down by 20% and then I got a further 10% staff discount because even though Coles have discontinued my discount card, Target don't appear to have been advised !!!!  I also bought two pairs of pj's given I have been sleeping in old T-shirts for I don't know how long and, as a ardent follower of GW, I am positive he would insist on pj's that were pretty and matched !!!

Tomorrow morning I plan to step on the scale and face the number.  I still have to decide what plan of attack I am going to use to get rid of these kilos but with a few things on this week, I am not planning on starting anything seriously - just going to try to make better choices more than I make poor choices.  If I can start with some small changes, maybe the bigger changes will be easier to make.

Have a fantastic week everyone !

TFTD : "No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings!" - William Blake

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  1. Good luck - remember it is all downhill, with the occasional speed bump, from here.


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