Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday afternoon already

I don't know where the time went but it is already Tuesday afternoon and my time at Inala is nearly finished.  I have quite enjoyed the two days that I have been here covering for the AP/AR lady who had two days leave - wouldn't like to do it full time, but it has been good for a change.  Just a pity all my month end work has been mounting up over these two days and it will be ready and waiting for me tomorrow when I get back to my office.

On the exercise front, I didn't exercise 5/7 days BUT I did paint for two days so I am taking those days as two of my exercise sessions, in which case I did make my 5/7 days of exercising - YAY !!!!  My eating has been great since Thursday morning although last night I did succumb to some malt of milk biscuits.  The good thing is that I didn't beat myself up about them - I just enjoyed them and said that sometimes you just have to have something and make sure it is in moderation.  I did think long and hard before having the biscuits to make sure that it wasn't just an impulsive action - I 'saw' my holiday photos and I wasn't any bigger in them because I ate three measly little biscuits !!!

I was pleased to see Geelong win the AFL grand final and disappointed that Manly won the league final - I would have much rather Warrior's won but what can you do ????

I am feeling really good about where I am at the moment.  Since we stopped packing shelves at Coles, I can't believe how much more time we have in the evenings.  It is really so good to be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour each night and watch TV / read / whatever if we want to. There is no mad rush in the evenings to have dinner, try to catch up on the news of the day and have some family time.  I do feel a bit sorry for A as he is so in demand at work that they have him working all sorts of overtime - at some point he is going to have to put his foot down and say enough is enough but for now he seems to be OK with it (and I am most of the time except when I have to move the cupboard doors from outside our bedroom and into the garage so that I can paint them - they are bloody heavy !!!!)  Needless to say I did two and said I would leave the others for next weekend when he is at home (hopefully) and can move them for me.  The painting went really well - got all but the doors and a couple of door frames done - can't wait for next weekend so that I can finish.  Oh and the en-suite has to be painted as well.  Being busy of the weekend helped with my eating - I didn't have time to worry about picking at food / nibblies / cakes / biscuits even if I had had any in the house.

Training last night was rather rigorous as K has done her ACL and so is on crutches and out of action for a while.  Nothing serious - just a strain from what I can work out.  She had x-rays yesterday and if the swelling is still up on Friday has to go for an MRI so here's hoping that it has all settled down by then.  In the meantime she has been booked off work and is to keep it elevated and iced - will that happen - maybe !!

Have a great evening - see you soon !

TFTD : Never make an excuse that affirms your powerlessness - Alan Cohen

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