Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meeting a Friend .... and Other Things

On Friday night I was going to have a rest night - K had said that we could do a big cycle on Saturday early evening when she got home from work.  A few minutes later A and K were having a small altercation that seemed to go on for a while even though it was so silly so I went to my room to read.  Read for a while and then realised that I really needed to run it out and not lie there stewing over their differences.  Got changed, got my phone and off I set.  6.9km later I was home again - SO pleased that I had run - with a good time as I had only walked about 3 or 4 times and not for very long each time.  Nothing like a run to clear my mind.

Unfortunately when I got back I saw a tweet from @coloursofsunset saying that there was a 5km timed run on Saturday morning at Main Beach.  I said I would see how my legs felt in the morning and maybe join her and her husband.  I woke up on Saturday morning - they felt too tight to run so we got up and got dressed and went down anyway.  I watched her come in and beofre we left A said I should go and say hullo - trouble is that I am really shy.  Anyway, he nudged me along and said he would go and get the car while I said hullo - so off I went.  I am so pleased I did - she is such a lovely lady.  I am just sorry that A had to go to work and so we couldn't talk for longer.  While we were talking, two ladies from Lululemon came up and gave A a choice of two running shirts and offered her husband a pair of shorts.  We talked for a while and then A told them I ran as well and they gave me a pair of socks - can't wait to try them out tomorrow night - they look really comfy.

I popped in to see my folks yesterday - as always, we seem to find things to laugh about.  I found this picture taken last Easter when we went to Stanthorpe for the day.  Thank goodness, I am no longer this big !!!!!

No cycling last night - K got home from work and then sat on the computer until about 6.30pm before saying "Are we going to cycle?" - I said no because our lights aren't working properly.  A and I cycled this morning - down to Sunningdale Bridge then back up to Paradise Point before coming home.  My legs felt like lead for the first 5km - from 5-17km my legs felt great - I felt like I could have cycled forever - 18-22km - I don't know how I managed to keep my legs turning over - maybe the thought of falling off my bike kept them going.  I couldn't even stop as I wouldn't have been able to walk those last kms home !!!!!  But it was all good - so glad that I did it - the day was great - no wind, a little cool but OK once we got going.

Went to My Fit Fridge to see their meals and bought a couple to try out - mainly because with A going away and only K and I at home, I really can't be bothered cooking meals for just the two of us.  Plus I have a couple of clients booked this week and if I am going to exercise as well, I need to have decent meals planned otherwise I will land up eating toast every night.

Well another weekend nearly at an end - and another work week about to begin.  I said to Al when we were on our way home today - even though we don't know what is happening with his job - life is good I am extremely fortunate to have such an amazing family, the support and friendship of some amaxing people, my health and motivation to exercise and get fit - I LOVE LIFE right now !

Have the best week ever !


  1. HI cannot tell you how happy that reading that last sentence makes me feel. I am truly so thrilled that life is good for you hun. Have a fabulous week lovely cc

    1. Thanks Sonia - you have a wonderful week too ! For me, right now, life is too short not to enjoy every minute that I can !!!
      Love, hugs and positive energy.


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