Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My First Award !!

On Friday I was honoured to receive my first award !!!  Thank you Lisa from mumofadultkids - I too have seen these around other blogs and thought that they were a little lame (sorry everyone !!!) - but now that I have been recognised as someone that others like to read and find inspiring, I am feeling really good about my blog.  It is strange because, while I love to read what other people are getting up to, I often wonder what attracts people to read my blog.

When I first started blogging, most of the bloggers that I followed were blogging to help them lose weight.  There was a wide range of ages / home situations / work lives but we mostly had the same goal - to stay motivated and lose weight.  Nobody got paid to blog.  Nobody (as far as I can remember) had adverts on their blog.  Some of the blog templates were fantastic, some were a little more ordinary.  But the content was mostly just what I needed.

This time around I seem to have found bloggers of a younger age group (or maybe that is just because I am a few years older now ??), a lot of whom have small children or no children and many of whom blog and get paid for it or have advertising on their blog.  Now please don't get me wrong, I am no knocking these bloggers at all - in fact I have got an advert on one of these blogs - but it certainly is a different environment to what it was 5-6 years ago.  I have often wondered if I could push my blog enough to get noticed so that I could get paid for blogging but given my nature, I figure that is never going to happen - I can't even ask my boss for a raise so how on earth am I going to ask someone to pay me to write about a product ?????

Anyway, I digress - AGAIN !  I felt very special when I read that Lisa enjoyed reading my blog enough to tell others.  So now it is my turn for me to pay it forward to 7 bloggers after answering 10 questions about myself and giving you 10 random facts about myself.

The Ten Questions
1.  What is my fave song ? Right now I would have to say Tonight We Are Young by Fun (nothing to do with the fact that my maiden name is Young either !!!)
2.  My favourite dessert - Creme brulee (NOTHING beats this !!)
3.  What ticks me off ? - People who don't keep their word
4.  When I am upset what do I do ?  Before running, I would eat junk - biscuits or chocolate.  Now I go for a run.
5.  What is my favourite pet ? I don't like animals - we have two dogs and I tolerate them.
6.  What do I prefer - black or white ?  Black - it is more slimming !!!!!
7.  What is my biggest fear ?  Heights - I CANNOT handle them.  I keep thinking I will conquer this fear - not going to happen, according to my family.  I have truly tried so many times, now I just accept that I can't do heights !
8.  What is my attitude ?  If it is out of my control, I won't worry about it.
9.  What is perfection ?  A newborn baby.
10.  What is my guilty pleasure ?  Chocolate and Amarula

Ten Random Facts About Me
1.  I love my feet.
2.  I don't drink tea / coffee / anything hot.
3.  I love running (this one you may have already picked up on !!!)
4.  My engagement ring is made up of diamonds from my Gran, my Mom and my engagement rings.
5.  I was 0.15 off being legally blind - I now have artificial lens' in both eyes.
6.  I would rather go out and eat desserts instead of having dinner.
7.  I would have been a surrogate Mom for somone if only they hadn't said I was too old.
8.  I hate having water on my face - probably the main reason why I don't swim very well !
9.  Some people had never seen me in a dress until they came to our wedding.
10.  I hate chipped nail polish.

Seven Blogs I Enjoy To Read

Check some of these lovely ladies out if you aren't already reading them - they have amazing things to say and inspire me to continue to be the best person I can be or provide me with laughs that help me through the day (and sometimes they do both at the same time !!!!).

TFTD : Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be - George Sheehan


  1. Heights is my second biggest fear, after confined spaces and my feet are my best asset. I hate running though.

    ... aside from the feel good factor, these awardie things are great for learning more about the bloggers we follow.
    I'm not so much into exercise but I always appreciate your positivity!

    1. Thanks Lisa - yes, I like finding out random facts about fellow bloggers. I don't like confined spaces either - probably second to heights !!!
      Hope the party went well and that everyone enjoyed themselves.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me, I don't mind at all, it makes me feel special :)

    Heights don't bother me, but I don't swim in the ocean and I can't stand spiders, I can't even touch a photo of one, typing this now my fingers have gone all tingly just thinking about them ewwww.

    Have a great day xx

    1. When we meet I will tell you my first encounter with a spider when we moved into our house and A was in Melbourne for work - a very funny story although at the time it wasn't in the least bit funny !!!
      Have a great weekend and take care !

  3. Hooray! Congratulations! Very well deserved! You're such an inspiring and supportive blogger/person/friend Linda. I'm glad we found each other!

    1. Thanks A - I am also glad we found each other !

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Badger. I hope that you are slowly working your way through the basement !!!
      Have a great day.

  5. I cannot believe how much we have in commmon. I was nodding along to nearly all of your answers, except the running part, my knees just wont let me do that one. And I love that you wanted to be a surrogate for someone and it sooo did not surprise me as I would not expect anything less from the beautiful soul that you are. xx

    1. It's good when we find out random things about people we sort of know and then realise that we are more alike than we realised ! I had a knee injury last year due to wearing Nike shoes - went to Athlete's Foot, got fitted with a great pair of Saucony shoes and that was all I needed to fix the injury and get me running again - I was so pleased when I could run again as I just got into it when I got the knee injury.
      Have the best Friday possible - love, hugs and positive energy.

  6. Wow, got this disappearing comment box down pat now. You will never shut me up now I can comment again.
    Firstly, congratulations on the award. Let me say you really deserve it. You have been a wonderful friend all these years of blogging and I love reading what you have to say.
    I loved meeting you even more. Something I will do again.
    Thank you so much for listing my blog in your list of favourite reads. The feeling is mutual.

  7. Thanks Julie - you are an amazing woman whom I am so glad to call a friend even if we don't see each other all that often. I love reading what you and your family are getting up to on your blog and I am glad that you enjoy what I have to say (even if sometimes it is a mish mash of thoughts scratched out in a hurry !!!)
    Have a great weekend and take care !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  8. Thanks for the mention and congratulations on your first award WOOOO HOOO!! Will look forward to reading some of the blogs you mentioned.

    BTW never met anyone before who love their feet and as their number 1 random fact!

    1. LOL Sammy - I think it is because as a reflexologist, I hear so many people say how they don't like their feet - and it made me really look at mine. Given how much I have put them through when I gain weight, they really have done an amazing job in keeping me grounded - and I do love how they look !!!
      Glad I could provide a random fact that nobody would have thought about !!
      Have a great long weekend and take care.


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