Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Not The Best Run and A Weekend Away

Tonight I ran but it wasn't the best run I have ever had.  My breathing wasn't bad but my legs felt like 10 ton weights - I noticed it at the 4km mark when I really started to tire.  Thank goodness A was cycling with me and gave lots of encouragement to get me home over the next 1.8km !

Onto something exciting - well exciting for me !  Yesterday I realised that we have a long weekend this weekend and, as I had received our tax returns back from the accountant and our tax bill is about half of the money that I had put away to pay the tax man, I was feeling a little flush (except that it is being put aside for our trip to Cananda next year) so I thought maybe we could just have a weekend away - so we are off to Angourie Rainforest Resort for three nights !

It will be great to have a couple of days away - after all the time that A has been away I think it will do him good to have some time not having to worry about cutting the grass or doing chores around the house.  Luckily K is old enough to leave at home to look after the dogs !!

Have a great evening and take care !

TFTD : The open hands of gentleness are always filled - A Course in Miracles

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