Tuesday, 31 January 2012

10 Things You Really Didn't Need To Know About Me

Chantelle posted this the other day ages ago and I decided to take up the challenge  request, as well as telling fellow bloggers more about myself !

1.  I love my feet
I know so many people who dislike or even hate their feet.  As a reflexologist, I come across people who are not happy with their feet for one reason or another and I can't tell you how many people don't look after their feet.  It is almost like they are at the end of their legs and they just forget about them.  I try to cream them up every night (although probably more so in winter than in summer) and I love them !

2.  I don't drink tea or coffee I do drink Coke Zero/Pepsi Max
I can remember as a little girl drinking tea with my downstairs gran one day but I didn't like it and while I love the smell of coffee beans, I hate the smell of coffee.  A keeps asking when we can go to a cafe for a cup of coffee together - sorry Love, not going to happen (but he never stops asking !!!)  I have been told that I drink Coke Zero/Pepsi Max in copious amounts and, even though I know that it is probably killing me, I cannot see my way to giving it up just yet !!!!!!!

3.  Born in South Africa, now totally Australian
We moved our family to Australia in January 2000 - it was one of the best decisions we ever made (even though it took me about 2 years to come around to the idea of packing up and moving half way around the world and leaving my parents behind)  Thankfully they came to visit regularly and then 6 years ago applied for a parent contributory visa (cost of ~$65k) and they now live a 5 min drive away from us.  We are so grateful to have them close by.

4.  I would love to travel more
We have travelled around USA for 9 weeks when A played in the softball world series in 1996, we have been to NZ one year when my parents came to visit from SA and we have travelled for 5 weeks around Spain - I would love to travel locally and overseas - anywhere really - I am not fussy.  Here's to our trip to Cananda this year happening - need to get those pennies saved and the accommodation sorted out.

5.  I have aritificial lens' in my eyes
Just over two years ago I had artificial lens' put in my eyes.  I have been short sighted since I was about 11 or 12 and have worn glasses or contacts since then.  Before the operation I was 0.15 off being classified as legally blind - now I have vision of -1.5 in both eyes - it is amazing not having to grope around for glasses just to be able to get out of bed.  If you have good eye sight - value it and look after it - it is so precious.

6.  I would rather eat dessert than dinner
I really don't care for 'good' food.  If I had a choice (well I guess I do, I just know that I can't always make this choice), I would rather have biscuits / nice cake / chocolates / grainwaves / cheese & biscuits than dinner (or breakfast or lunch).  One year when we went out for our Christmas lunch with work, I started off with dessert (much to everyone's horror), then I had another helping of dessert, then I had some seafood, and then I had my dessert.  I believe that life is too short not to have fun occasionally !!!!!  (Footnote - I have only ever done this once although I have been tempted to do this on so many more occasions !)

7.  Putting on shoes and socks
When I put on shoes and socks I put on my left sock and left shoe, then right sock and right shoe.  Then I tie the laces on my left shoe and then the laces on my right shoe.

8.  I am an avid bookworm
I LOVE reading - I would rather read than do anything else (well almost anything else) - there is no past time I would rather partake in than sitting on the swing chair with some to drink and / or eat and a book.  I can read for hours at a time and can be a total pain if the book is one that I am really in to - I have it open at every single opportunity - waiting for the toaster to pop, on the loo, waiting for programs to load on the computer, while stirring when I am cooking - any time really when I have more than a minute or two of spare time.

9.  I hate having water on my face
I would love to swim lengths up and down the pool and clock up miles in the pool the way I can clock them up on the bicycle - but alas, I can't, because I cannot stand the feeling of water on my face.  It is all I can do to wash my face with water and it is a task that I get over and done with quicker than you can say Jack Flash.

10. I hate chipped nail polish
I guess this is one of the times when just how anal I am comes out !!!!   Before I became a reflexologist and massage therapist, I had long nails and they were always painted and if one nail got one little chip in it - it all had to come off and be done again.  This did sometimes make for strange timing of nail painting as I would have to juggle it in between my day job, seeing to the family and my night job - so would sometimes only do them at 2am or 3am but they would be done before I left the house (not that I didn't go to work because they hadn't been done - they just had to be done before I went to sleep so that I could go to work the next day / later that day !!).  My toe nails are the same - one chip and it all comes off.  I am never without nail polish on my toes.

So there you have it, 10 things you really didn't need to know about me but now you do !

Have the best Tuesday ever !

TFTD : Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be - George Sheehan


  1. oh this is too cute! i love these!! Totally adding it to my to do list :)
    i hear you about groping for the glasses thing - congrats on having the courage for the procedure - really is incredible xx

    1. Thanks - will wait to read 10 things I really didn't need to know about you !!! Love finding out more about my blogger friends.

  2. he he - I am just as fanatical about my nail polish and reading books - but alas, Im sorry hun but I am totally foot phobic. You are quirky and thats why we loves ya :) xx

    1. Thanks Sonia ! Quirky is definitely one word that fits me !!!

  3. Now I know a lot more about you than you know about me - or do I?

  4. LOL - I don't think I have ever read a post from you listing things that I really didn't need to know about you so I think you probably win this one ! I love reading your posts because you always have such great pictures (K and I are going to a photographic workshop this Saturday so hopefully I will be able to post some good pictures in the future !!)and interesting stories about trying to accomplish every day tasks in a foreign country. Sometimes I wish I lived in a foreign country and then reality hits and I realise I am probably better off staying here ! Keep the stories coming - you are one of my favourite reads.


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