Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cancer is a BASTARD !!!!

This morning just as I was leaving for work I got the phone call to say that a very dear family friend had just died from cancer.  Granted she had had a good innings BUT she still had so much more to give to her family and friends.

Brian, Sue, Guy and families - you are all in our thoughts as this time.

RIP Ann - you will be sorely missed but never forgotten !


  1. Sorry to hear that and yes Cancer is a bastard..... I have so many family and friends that have dies from it or have it....

  2. Very sad news. Cancer is SO horrible. xx

  3. Sorry for your friend ... my thoughts are with you and her family. xx

  4. I agree...

    Sorry to hear of your sad news.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts everyone.

  6. Oh hun - I am so sorry about your friend. My thoughts are with you and her family. xxx You are right cancer sucks and is a HUGE BASTARD! xx

  7. Thanks Sonia - it was probably worse for my folks who weren't able to go to her funeral although we did send something to them to be read out at the funeral.


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