Wednesday, 11 January 2012


If anyone was following my photos please let me know as I am not going to be loading them up on my blog - I am doing them through FB and Twitter.  If you want to follow me please mail me and I will let you know my name etc on FB and Twitter.

Every home should have flowers in it
My weight is starting to move in the right direction - probably because my eating is back under control and my exercise is happening.  I did try to run the other night - only one lamp post - but it didn't happen !  We were walking really well and I said to A "I think I am going to run to the next lamp post." - I got about 20 steps into a jog and had to pull up.  To say I was disappointed would be a really fair reflection of how I felt.  I was really hoping that it was going to be fine, but it wasn't - so now I really have put the dates of Feb/Mar into my head before I will be running again.  In the meantime I am going to continue with my walking and training and try to increase the amount of cycling that I am doing (which won't be hard to do because I am not doing any at the moment !!!!).

Have a great Wednesday everyone - downhill to the weekend now.

Love, hugs and positive energy !

TFTD :  You see the woman across the room, and you think, she's so poised, she's so together.  But she looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her - Diane von Furstenberg


  1. Well are you going to stop blogging then? What do you mean? Or is it only the pics you are talking about. Let me know. Let's follow each other on twitter. That way can keep in touch.

  2. Hi Paps - no I am not giving up blogging. I adjust not posting my janphotoaday on my blog - they are going to be posted on FB and twitter. My twitter name is #kal20m. Have a great day !

  3. Sorry - meant to say "I am just not"

  4. Bad luck about the running, but great you can still get out and walk...

  5. So, so happy your scales are going in the right direction, that is great news. It's always motivating as well and helps you to keep going.

    As you know I had a crappy day yesterday and last night I really wanted a chocolate chip cookie or 2 or 10, but I thought of what you were going through the other day when you turned down coke and chocolate. If anyone deserved a splurge it was you and you resisted. You gave me the strength and motivation last night to resist the chocolate chunk (yes, not chips, but chunks) cookie and get a big glass of water instead. Reading blogs like yours is why I love blogging xx

  6. I love the quote at the end of this post. Walking is a great way to de-stress and keep fit, running is hard! I can't run either :)Keep up what you are doing it sounds like it is working.


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