Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What I Can Achieve

Life has been cruising along without too much fuss one way or the other - a bit like my weight and my effort at exercising. It's been too hot, then too rainy, then too little time, then too much time OK there is never too much time - but for one reason or another there have been a lot of excuses lately. Why I don't really know because my eating has been really good so why I decided to drop the ball on my exercise is anyone's guess.

But that all stops - today. I had said we wouldn't be going to training as we were going to watch the 20/20 game at the Gabba tonight. Then K forgot and was rostered to work, then A called yesterday with the news that, while, yes, he was only supposed to go to Grafton on Thursday, they were now leaving this morning. As I wasn't about to go all the way to the Gabba to watch a 20/20 game by myself, I went to training instead. I have my exercise planned for the rest of the week and I aim to stick to that plan and, where I can, increase it.

Today is the first day in I don't know how long that I have not had back ache - it has been amazing. I need to get back to that place again. I LOVE having a day where I am pain free.

Sorry, got a little side tracked there, back to the point of this post !! (And one of the reasons excuses for not exercising last night.) I'd like to say it was because A was going away and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could, but if I am totally honest, it was because I was fiddling around trying to get the books from my eReader loaded on to my iPad !

Throw an accounting package at me and I will find my way around it. Throw excel or word and I will produce documents which the general public would accept. Give me some operating system (or whatever the bloody hell it's called) where I have to try to move things or copy things or find things and I am bloody hopeless. In fact I am more than hopeless - I am as much good as tits on a bull !! Needless to say, A did not have a lot of time to be trying to help me in my quest to get these books moved but he was extremely patient and, in between trying to pack clothes for an indeterminate length of time away as well as decide what tools / equipment he may need to use to get the job done, he would sit down beside me between our old desktop our new desktop and the iPad and say "Have you tried this?" to which my reply would generally be along the lines of "are you speaking English because I have absolutely no idea what you just said?" !!! I got extremely excited at one point as I had all my books on the iPad except that I couldn't open any of them !! Eventually I had to admit defeat for the night because I knew that we had an early start to the morning and I wasn't sure how much he was going to snore thereby cutting my sleeping time even shorter !

After our quarterly audit by the bank this morning, I went back to the office to my trusty computer literate friend, K and explained my dilemma. She didn't know how to help me with it but she did google it and came up with the fact that I needed to download Bluefire on the old computer where the books are saved, sync the iPad and the upload the books and all would be good. I got home and treated a client, went to training and then sat down and began the mind blowing process of trying to get these bloody books saved/moved. At one point I did wonder if they were worth it but I kept at it. What I did find out (by reading the Bluefire manual) was that I could download Dropbox and do everything through that whatever you call it - system, file, program, whatever. I thought that sounded like something I could do so off I went. Our old desktop is EXTREMELY slow so a lot of patience is required and not so much mouse clicking !! (I am a little short on patience at the best of times -and even more so when I don't know what I am doing - yes, I know that is when I should have more but I don't !).

I managed to finally get the 20 odd books copied into Dropbox but when I opened them on the iPad I got the same message as before "These files are not in a readable format" (or words to that effect). By this stage K was home from work. I had done the happy dance when I had seen the books there only to do the upset stomp when I couldn't open them. She came along and said, "Mom, you need to open them in Bluefire" and walked off !! So I tried that, AND IT WORKED, so I now have all my books, in a readable format, on my iPad.

This got me thinking about my weight loss and exercising, both things that I know heaps more about than what I know about computers where, because I just kept on persevering, I managed to do what I had to do. I want to put the same perseverance into my weight loss journey and just do what I have to do to achieve what I want to achieve.

I managed to do this this morning when I got to work !
On Saturday we went to the travel agent to start to plan our holiday so this is becoming more real and I want to use the planning of this holiday to motivate me to do what I need to do so that I don't look like a hefalump in our holiday snaps ! Thanks to those lovely people out there who have provided me with motivation recently - I promise to listen to your little voice inside my head more than I have been !

On that note, I am off to read for a while before switching my light off thereby finding myself in the dilemma of having to sleep alone in the quiet - I really only like sleeping next to A but still want the quiet every night - I suppose I can't have it both ways so if I had to choose I would rather have him here and snoring than not here and it be quiet ! As he is in Casino tonight, I guess I am going to have to make do with the peace and quiet.

(I am being challenged further and this time I have to admit defeat - I was tring to get a photo to insert in this long rambling post but am unable to do it - clearly my brain is in dumba*se mode now and just wants to read !)

TFTD : Frustration and conflict are messages from the universe that it is time to back off. When you find your centre again, act - Alan Cohen

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  1. I know how you feel about the inertia of getting off the couch and getting into exercise. I haven't done a thing these whole holidays. It will be punishing when my swim squads start back up. Glad to hear you've had some relief from your back pain.


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